NFTs are indecipherable cryptographic assets or digital assets that run on a blockchain like Ethereum to create, for example, a digital certificate of ownership or royalties on a particular asset. B. Paintings, art, digital real estate, games, trading cards, videos, music, entertainment and other tangible assets. The basic idea of NFT is that the ownership of an asset is unique and cannot be duplicated or exchanged.

How do NFTs work?

NFTs, like bitcoin, are fully decentralized and can be bought, sold or mined without market intervention. Transactions are fully encrypted and your belongings are safe. There are many blockchains and supporting platforms for creating and running NFTs, such as. B. Ethereum, Binance, Tezos, etc. However, each blockchain network has its own supporting wallets where you can store your NFT tokens.

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9 Best Marketplace To Buy And Sell NFT Tokens

Where can you buy NFTs? Here we have listed the 9 main NFT markets where you can buy or sell NFTs.


OpenSea is an NFT marketplace running on the Ethereum blockchain. This is a P2P smart market contract for NFT tokens. On OpenSea, you can trade, buy and sell digital art, collectibles, sporting goods, gaming goods, utilities and other digital products through NFT. This requires a compatible mobile wallet, such as. B. Coinbase Wallet, or a web wallet, such as MetaMask. The platform is truly decentralized and secure for transactions. OpenSea is now one of the largest operating markets for NFT and offers a wide range of products at the best prices on the market.

Super Speed

SuperRare is another incredible NFT platform for artists and creatives. The NFT platform, powered by Ethereum, connects thousands of artists and collectors. Artists can have their work auctioned. All transactions are verified and legal. SuperRare believes in the idea of social collecting, where artists and other collectors who share a common passion can connect with each other and buy art in a social way. Moreover, the platform presents the best artists every week. Artists can earn a commission of 85% on initial sales and then 3% on resales as a royalty. SuperRare is a secure platform and all artists can register only after proper verification. All transactions are based on smart contracts and you must be logged in to the MetaMask wallet to use the platform.

Fine bridge

Nifty is another NFT platform for buying and selling digital art and collectibles. Nifty was launched by New York-based Gemini LLC. Nifty recently launched the Nifty Gateway 2.0. It’s a step up from the old version. Nifty is already popular with sports stars and art veterans who sell their collectibles and artwork on the platform. To fund your NFT account, you need to log into Omnibus Nifty Wallet via MetaMask. Nifty charges a commission of 5% for fees and taxes on each sale and an additional 30% for the transaction. Artists can receive a 10% royalty on all secondary sales. You can link your bank account to your Nifty wallet and withdraw up to $5,000 per week.


The foundation’s network was launched in 2020 and is based on the Ethereum network. The NFT marketplace is designed exclusively for the digital art trade. The cost of services in the fund is 15%, and ETH is the only acceptable currency for trading. It is necessary to connect an ETH Portfolio MetaMask to the Foundation’s platform. Artists receive a 10% royalty on secondary sales.


The VIV3 NFT was launched in January 2021. The authentic platform is based on the FLOW ecosystem and is used to trade, buy and sell digital artifacts, trading cards, collectibles, etc. To date, over 115 items have been struck through the FLOW Smart Contract platform by renowned artists from around the world. A percentage of the cost of the service is charged to customers and forms part of the selling price. Artists can earn royalties of up to 87.5% of the sale price and then 10% of the second sale. For VIV3, the initial gallery fee is 12.50%. FLOW markers must be held to operate in the market.

Replacement Bakery

The platform is based on Binance’s Smart Chain and is DeFi’s NFT platform for NFT. The 24th. In April, the platform recently announced its partnership with SafeNFT, which is launching the SafePal wallet to store your cryptocurrencies on the NFT platform. SafePal is a hardware and software wallet built on the Binance platform, which currently operates in over 120 countries and has over 200,000 users worldwide. You can trade SFP tokens, the official token of the platform. The action lasts until the 30th. April, and lucky winners can win a SafePal S1 hardware wallet. All transactions can only be made via the SafePal wallet.

Axe Infinity

he Axie Infinity is an NFT game market. The platform runs on the Ethereum blockchain and features interesting animated game characters called Axie. The market is connected to the MetaMask wallet. To participate, you must place your Ethereum tokens in your wallet that is linked to your Axie Loom account. Currently, you cannot make deposits directly from the exchange to your Axie account. This can only be done via the MetaMask wallet.


Rarible is a fully decentralized, community-based and open NFT marketplace that focuses on trust between buyers and sellers. The yellow check mark next to the profile information indicates that the account has been verified. The market for rarities has reached a significant level and will reach a trading volume of USD 29 million by 2021. In 2020, Rarible launched $RARI, the platform’s official token. The store has already earned a reputation for prompt service, 24/7 customer support, excellent technical staff and state-of-the-art technology.

NFT Showroom

The NFT showroom is built on the HIVE blockchain network and is unique. It is devoid of emotions and is mainly used for collecting digital art. The marketplace charges its buyers a commission of 10% of the sale price. All transactions are done with tokens specifically designed for HIV-positive people. The platform has a simple interface with a nice layout, instant email notifications and over 1,000 artists showing their work.

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