Astroport is the DeFi liquidity hub of Terra. It was built to give users a space for trading, creating and investing in digital assets that can be used across all platforms on the Terra ecosystem.

Astroport is a DeFi liquidity hub built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It is designed to become Terra’s ecosystem’s “DeFi” liquidity hub and it can be used to issue, trade and withdraw tokens. Astroport has been created by the team at Terra, which is a decentralized exchange platform that will launch in 2019.

All you should know about Astroport–AMM built to become Terra ecosystem’s DeFi liquidity hub

Astroport will enable customers to choose between several pool types inside a single AMM system while utilising Terra’s asset types’ compatibility.

$1.2 billion in liquidity was successfully moved from Terra’s DEX Terraswap to Astroport’s smart contracts, setting the way for the swap and pooling capabilities debut.

The dual distribution concept used by ASTRO generators

Astroport, like many other DeFi systems, has its own governance token–ASTRO.

Holders who opt to invest their governance tokens in the ASTRO pool will gain voting power over issues affecting the protocol’s communities. This power may be magnified if holders choose to lock their ASTRO tokens for up to two years, gaining access to a greater portion of trading fees as well as increased liquidity mining rewards.

ASTRO will be ’emitted’ at a predefined pace from the Astral Assembly–equivalent Astroport’s of a DAO and given to LPs through liquidity mining.

Because LPs stand to gain separate governance tokens from both the Astroport and extrinsic DeFi communities on a pool-by-pool basis, the protocol developed ‘ASTRO generators,’ proxy-based smart contracts that provide a double set of incentives.

ASTRO generators, which will enable simultaneous farming of ASTRO tokens and other third-party governance tokens, will be live in the coming weeks, according to the protocol’s latest release.

✦ $ASTRO generators will be available for pools that allow dual rewards in the coming weeks. Stake your LP tokens in the generators to obtain $ASTRO + third-party governance tokens (see for a list of pools that will receive $ASTRO emissions).

December 27, 2021 — Astroport (@astroport fi)

Various pool kinds

One of Astroport’s most appealing features is that it supports several pool types, enabling the AMM to handle a wide range of token markets.

Those staking ASTRO in the protocol, called Astral Assembly members, will select the number of ASTRO tokens and the pools to which they flow.

Every two weeks, members of the Astral Assembly will have the option to vote for the pools that should get the most ASTRO tokens.

When Astroport debuts, Astral Assembly will not be operational, thus the awards will be divided among the pools according to the ASTRO emissions schedule announced in the announcement.

All you should know about Astroport–AMM built to become Terra ecosystem’s DeFi liquidity hub


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Astroport is a cryptocurrency that focuses on being the DeFi liquidity hub for all of Terra’s ecosystem. It is built to become an ecosystem of its own, and it has been created with the goal of becoming “the most liquid coin in the world.” The team behind Astroport has already raised over $2 million USD worth of ASTRO tokens during their ICO. Reference: astroport telegram.

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