Bitcoin is currently the largest cryptocurrency in the world, and is continuing to grow in popularity. As a result, all eyes are on the cryptocurrency, as its price continues to experience a huge price surge. In recent days, the price of Bitcoin has surged more than 20% from $4,000 to $4,750.

The Bitcoin Foundation, the popular trade group representing businesses that accept the digital currency, has released a list of things that are supposed to happen in the Bitcoin universe in the coming weeks.

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty has been on a steady decline for the past few months, with a big drop coming in the middle of last week. As the difficulty was still sitting near the high end of the normal range, most people probably thought the difficulty would increase up to the high end of the normal range and remain there. However, the last few days have seen the difficulty drop, and it now sits just below the average difficulty over the past few months. What does this mean? Well, the drop in difficulty will continue, and it will continue to go down.. Read more about what is mining bitcoin mean and let us know what you think.

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