APENFT, which is short for Asia-Pacific Entertainment Network Foundation, just released the first in a series of games to be run on Binance. The goal? To give back to its loyal community by offering NFTs for free!

APENFT Partners With WINK To Enter GameFi World With “WIN NFT HORSE” IGO On Binance

15 November 2021, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore,

WIN NFT HORSE is a collaboration of APENFT, one of the biggest and most popular NFT platforms, and WINK, a prominent decentralized oracle that strives to merge the real world with the blockchain sector. On November 18th, 2021, WIN NFT HORSE will officially commence a closed beta test. GameFi is an accessible crypto onboarding point for conventional gamers, as it connects decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-financial tokens (NFTs) with blockchain gaming. Unlike traditional online games, however, GameFi incorporates the notion of “play to earn.” The “pay to win” paradigm is used in traditional online games, allowing players to gain an edge by buying in-game objects. Players that “play to earn” are rewarded financially as they advance through the game. In certain circumstances, this allows gamers to earn a full-time income as a result of their efforts.

WIN NFT HORSE is a GameFi product that combines the qualities of “mystery box + NFT + game + mining” into one package. Anyone may participate in the game in a variety of ways; users can breed, race, collect, buy, and sell racehorses in order to receive token incentives based on their contributions to the ecosystem. The distinction between WIN NFT HORSE and other games is that it uses a “play to earn” paradigm to reward participants for contributing to the ecosystem. WIN NFT HORSE is allowing the usage of three types of tokens in its ecosystem: TRX, NFT, and WIN, to provide all participants a better experience in the game.

WIN NFT HORSE will make its IGO debut on the Binance NFT Marketplace as the first collaborative GameFi project of APENFT and WINK. Binance can efficiently enable blockchain gaming aficionados filter out high-quality NFT games, such as WIN NFT HORSE, using this platform, so that everyone can enjoy this fantastic experience.

WIN NFT HORSE will sell NFT racehorses in the form of a mystery box at launch, with each box having an equal chance of holding horses of various rarity, which can then be used to breed, swap, and race. WIN NFT HORSE is anticipated to debut its IGO on the Binance NFT Marketplace in late November, according to the latest news, although the pricing of the mystery box has yet to be released.

The Close Beta Test will begin on the TRON blockchain on November 18th, 2021, and then on the Binance Smart Chain on November 26th, 2021. WIN NFT HORSE will give various mystery boxes throughout this test to entice seed users. The launch of the close beta test for WIN NFT HORSE completes the move from beta to official release. Meanwhile, WIN NFT HORSE has always prioritized its consumers’ needs and has established itself as the premier GameFi product in the blockchain sector. Please visit the official website for additional details.

“We are really delighted to collaborate with Binance NFT Marketplace on the WIN NFT HORSE IGO,” said APENFT President Steve Liu. “NFT is the future vehicle for the gaming industry, and DeFi is a lively representation of the new economy, offering trustworthy and intelligent tools for the gaming environment.”

Each horse in WIN NFT HORSE has a unique trait that makes it a rare NFT. Horse NFTs may be acquired via mystery boxes or direct purchases. Each horse’s look and bio-characteristics are determined by its genetics. Each horse’s genetic data is securely kept on the blockchain at a public address that can’t be changed, duplicated, or deleted by a third party. Each horse’s worth is decided by its lineage, fighting ability, and a variety of other factors. WIN NFT HORSE has a variety of game modes to suit the demands of a broad spectrum of players, including Challenge, Match, Duel, and Arena. 

WIN NFT HORSE is integrating NFT and DeFi to establish an expanding gaming environment via player incentivization using blockchain technology. The data of WIN NFT HORSE has been put on the blockchain and is available to the general audience. 

WIN NFT HORSE’s mission is to provide the community with a game that empowers all participants by enabling them to earn prizes while having fun. APENFT and WINK’s objective is to provide a completely decentralized GameFi experience for the enormously increasing industry, bringing together gamers from all over the globe to help drive the transition to a new digital economy based on freedom and wealth.

APENFT’s Background

APENFT was founded with the goal of registering world-class artworks on the blockchain as NFTs. We want to help native crypto NFT artists thrive by bridging the gap between top-tier musicians and blockchain technology. APENFT, by converting top artists and art pieces into NFTs, not only improves the way artworks are hosted, but also transforms them from elite-exclusive items to something that truly belongs to the people and reflects their aspirations, similar to how blockchain democratizes finance like never before. APENFT is a universal art form.

WINK’s Background

WINk is a blockchain-based gaming platform that uses the WIN token as its native currency. WINk uses a variety of incentives to provide a high-quality and decentralized gaming experience, including user mining and novel token economics. It’s a location where developers can create fully working dApps and users are encouraged to participate in the ecosystem.

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