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Beaxy Accelerates Automated Trading Through Hummingbot Partnership – Press release Bitcoin News

PRESS RELEASE. Chicago, IL, USA –, a leading open-source algorithmic trading project, has decided to include Beaxy Exchange in its latest software release, allowing Beaxy users to benefit from 24/7 high-frequency automated trading on the US cryptocurrency exchange. Previously, merchants could use the open source code to run their own versions of Hummingbot. There is now a version specifically designed by the Hummingbot development team to allow easy integration with the beaxy trading interface.

Hummingbot is different from other trading robots in several ways. It is an open source program that can be downloaded and used for free. The basic strategy of the robot allows the trader to act as a market maker on multiple exchanges – in other words, the robot will place limit orders to buy and sell to satisfy other market participants (called bakers). While there are many models of strategies and working styles, the bottom line is that Hummingbot has removed the main barriers to entry for those in crypto who want to get their feet wet in algorithmic arbitrage and market making. Traders can trade BTC for USD, USD for ETH, ETH for DRGN, DRGN for USD, and dozens of powerful crypto-currencies on Beaxy.

Cooper Craighead, head of customer experience at Beaxys, adds that Hummingbot is a great option for users just starting out trading with robots/algorithms, as well as seasoned veterans. It’s easy to set up, regardless of technical knowledge, but it has a high level of customization that allows experienced traders to bend the strategies to their will.

Through this integration, Beaxy and Hummingbot share the same vision of offering tools and information that enable those who trade cryptocurrencies to do so profitably. Thanks to the developers, the robot doesn’t require much more than a basic understanding of the scripts it uses to trade, so even novice traders can configure their settings and get started in less than 15 minutes.

Up 728% since January 2020, Beaxy Exchange has been working to bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and traditional financial exchanges since its inception in 2017. With this in mind, Beaxy’s digital trading platform has many advantages over a traditional trading platform. For example, the overall interaction rate on the platform is higher than many US cryptocurrency exchanges. To provide insight, the platform offers automated technical analysis to save traders the fingernails, while providing a full suite of technical analysis tools for those who prefer to do it themselves. When you add these benefits to the seven advanced command types, Beaxy seems like the perfect package for experienced marketers.

Algorithmic trading software like Hummingbot fills the last big gap for Beaxy traders by executing trades around the clock and using microsecond-by-microsecond instinct based on their predefined strategy.

If you want to learn more about Hummingbot and other integrations, click here to visit our blog.

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About Baxy.

Beaxy Exchange is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA, and is operated by Windy Inc. in the US and around the world. Windy Inc is registered with the U.S. Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) as a money transmitting company. Beaxy serves 42 US states and also has an active customer base in many international markets. Pledges in foreign currency are offered via bank transfer in USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD and AUD and via credit/debit card for simplex pledges in USD, EUR, GBP, ILS, TRY, CAD, CHF, KRW, JPY, RUB, AUD, CZK, NOK, DKK, NZD, SEK, ZAR, HUF and PLN. Beaxy Exchange provides its customers with safe, compliant and secure cryptocurrency trading and ramping services. Digital assets are secured by Curv Institutional Custody, with dollar deposits insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation [FDIC] up to $250,000.


Hummingbot is a community-run, open-source crypto market solution and arbitrage bot that aims to democratize algorithmic trading by making advanced high-frequency trading strategies available for free to anyone in the world. We believe that this will lead to a more open, fair and inclusive global financial system.

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