He says that he started his project because he was tired of paying hundreds of dollars for the same phone and he wanted to have control over it. He cites the example of how free Android apps can be removed from the Google Play Store, because he thinks that the apps do not have any benefits for the users. He thinks that the core functionality of a phone should be the same for everybody.

Erik Finman is the only child of missionaries who were sent to East Africa from the U.S. in the early 1980’s. In the early 2000’s, he started a few companies in Africa before moving to Silicon Valley. He went on to make a few millions, then came back to Africa to put it all on the line—literally—by building a cell phone network to bring freedom to local communities devastated by war and political turmoil. Here, in his last interviews before he heads back to America, he talks about his vision and how his “freedom phone” will help his home country of Ethiopia.

Erik Finman was an early Bitcoin adopter. He invested $1000 in the software in 2011, and has since made a cool $55 million via various mining schemes. He calls it his “Freedom Phone”, and the concept is based on the premise that the average Joe needs a phone that can simply make and receive calls.

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Bitcoin Millionaire Erik Finman Come Up With Freedom Phone News about Bitcoin

  • Erik Finman is a bitcoin millionaire. Make a phone called Freedom Phone.
  • People utilize applications on Freedom Phone without fear of restriction or monitoring.
  • There were no manufacturer’s specs on it.

Self-professed Erik Finman, a 22-year-old Bitcoin billionaire, has created the Freedom Phone smartphone. Erik Finman created a small sensation on Twitter this week when he uploaded a video selling a Freedom Phone, which he said would allow users to access applications without being tracked or censored.

I’m introducing the Freedom Phone today.

This is the first significant retaliation against the Big Tech firms who targeted us for just thinking differently.

Complete with it’s own Uncensorable App Store & Privacy Features.

We’ve finally regained control. pic.twitter.com/Hykp08ITCQ https://t.co/tOSnuxncfd pic.twitter.com/tOSnuxncfd

July 14, 2021 — ERIK FINMAN (@erikfinman)

As a result, Erik Finman identifies himself as “the youngest Bitcoin billionaire” in a video he uploaded on Twitter. And it shows photos of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, as if they would have been censored in today’s politicized environment.

Erik Finman’s finding also includes tracking blockers and an uncensorable app store, according to the Freedom Phone website. People may also download and use applications that aren’t available on other app stores, such as Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Freedom Phone is also advertised at $499.99 on the company’s official website and will begin delivering in August. Also, the firm teased the characteristics of the Freedom phone, revealing that it would have a 6-inch screen and a fantastic camera. The phone also comes with its own operating system and plenty of storage. However, the precise storage space has yet to be disclosed.  

More “The Freedom Phone does everything your existing phone does, except censor you and snoop on you,” Erik Finman said.

Many people are criticizing the Freedom Phone.

Finman and his Freedom Phone, according to several of them, did not meet any manufacturer’s requirements. And some of them claimed that the Freedom Phone was a ruse designed to deceive unsuspecting people.

So you’re saying a “Freedom Phone” is just a generic Android device packed with Parler, Telegram, Rumble, OAN, Newsroom, Duck Duck Go, and a VPN? Wow. Every day, a new sucker is born pic.twitter.com/7dba81Kknl

— 14 July 2021 (@thegreyrock)

Candace Owens, one of the most well-known conservative performers, has been advertising the phone on social media using discount coupons. Despite evidence to the contrary, they continue to use an iPhone as their primary phone rather than the freedom phone.

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