Blue Ocean Mining is an ambitious cryptocurrency mining and hash power power tokenization and trading platform. Through the use of smart contracts, the platform allows users to purchase hash power and mining hardware, and then enter into a contract where they will be paid for their contributions.

Blue Ocean Mining (BOM), a blockchain startup, has launched a tokenization and trading platform (called the Blue Ocean Exchange), with a focus on the mining industry. Blue Ocean Exchange (BOME) is a next-generation digital asset exchange, which is a blockchain-based trading platform that will offer the following:

Blue Ocean Mining is a new and innovative tokenization and trading platform that is built to fulfill the requirement of the modern day financial industry. Having the ability to tokenize investments within the cryptocurrency market, the Blue Ocean Mining platform gives many benefits to traders and investors. This includes the ability to set up their own investment funds by providing investors with the opportunity to hedge all their investments with cryptocurrencies. The Blue Ocean Mining platform also provides investors with the possibility of diversifying their investments through the use of numerous different cryptocurrencies and assets. This reduces the risk of losses in the event that a significant amount of an investors investments are tied up in a single cryptocurrency.. Read more about green crypto mining and let us know what you think.

Blue Ocean Mining Hash Power Tokenization & Trading Platform Global Launch Berlin, Germany, 5. June 2021, Global launch of Blue Ocean Mining Blue Ocean Mining (BOM) leads large global mining communities in Germany, South America, South Korea, Southeast Asia, etc., to partner with global mining companies, traditional finance, and DeFi concepts to create a decentralized NFT hash power exchange and tokenization platform. aims to create a universal, integrated and decentralized cloud mining platform for private users to meet the high participation threshold due to the global pandemic and various national policies. At the same time, it provides liquidity to private users in the form of hash capacity via NFT tokenization to remove the pain points of many users involved in mining. encourages users around the world to participate in the management of the platform and gives them access to high liquidity through the exchange of tokenized hash power. BlueOcean platform functions – Trade in BlueOcean products NFT:  NFT’s hash power can be sold on the platform after it is approved in an intra-chain DAO vote. Two forms of sale are supported, fixed price and auction. – BlueOcean NFT Agriculture: All users can contribute to the hash power of NFT in farm groups to obtain BOM tokens. – Blue Ocean Memory: In the BlueOcean Store, users can get an NFT certificate from the mining machine’s secret box. – BlueOcean NFT Guaranteed Loan: Users capture the hash power of NFT mining by a certain date to receive a USDT credit, and can repay the principal and interest at maturity. BOM is a platform management token that allows holders to participate in the development and management of the platform. Any miner who acquires full ownership by burning and using BOM can participate in the development of Ocean Paradise’s ecosystem. BlueOcean will be the first to support the fusion of traditional mining with deFi innovations. In the future, the company will release traditional games, music and videos, as well as artwork, and distribute BlueOcean to eco-friendly NFTs through the Build Your Own Paradise program. The BOM will be a strong incentive for users and will also create a new generation of innovative blockchain projects in practice through NFT + Shares + DeFi. BlueOcean’s profits from operations and fees are redistributed to the community through the buyback and depletion, buyback and disposal, replacement and renewal of NFTs. Platform incentives are distributed through a smart contract – 40% of the revenues of the platform go directly to the money pot of the BOM. – 30% of the platform’s profits are used to buy back assets and depletion. – 20% of the platform’s profits are used to connect key developers in the community with miners. – 10% will be used to reward the first community participants and the main code. BOM’s total stock is 80 million tokens.


Isgworld is a platform that focuses on the mining industry, providing a cryptocurrency stabilized by mining hash power and asset exchange. This solves the problem of stability in cryptocurrency trading. The platform could be characterized as “Blue Ocean Mining Platform”.. Read more about bitcoin mining renewable energy and let us know what you think.

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