Brave has already made a splash in the industry by rewarding users for incorrectly clicking ads. But it’s taken the company only three years to get to this point. The company has already earned $1.4 million in advertising fees since launching its ad-reward program in January 2016. The program, dubbed the “Brave Rewards Program”, lets users earn “BAT” tokens by watching videos on their browser.

Brave browser is a web browser that rewards its users for viewing online ads. The browser has been developed by the Brave Software Foundation, a non-profit organization. Brave browser has a built-in anti-ad-fraud system that protects a user’s privacy while browsing the Internet.

The Brave browser is a web browser based on Chromium (the open-source project behind Chrome) that blocks ads and trackers by default. Along with that, it gives users an opt-in way to contribute to the development of the project, though the amount of their contribution is governed by their “brave value” (equivalent to 1 USD).

Brave browser, a web browser that blocks ads and lets users donate to websites they enjoy, is now rewarding its users with a small amount of Bitcoin for viewing ads on the web. The browser currently only has the Brave Rewards program for Japan, but plans to expand to other countries soon.. Read more about brave browser download and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Brave pay you for viewing ads?

Brave does not pay users for viewing ads.

How does Brave browser rewards work?

Brave rewards are based on how much time you spend browsing the internet. The more time you spend, the more rewards you get.

Is Brave browser rewards safe?

Brave is a browser that rewards users with BAT tokens for browsing the internet.

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