There is a huge demand for talent in the world of blockchain, cryptocurrency and crypto-related technologies. We want to help you stand out from the crowd by demonstrating your relevant experience and skills in the required areas.

Blockchain is often described as the technology that can change the world. Blockchain is the foundation of cryptocurrency, which is often described as a digital currency that can be used like cash and can be transferred without a bank or third party getting involved. Blockchain is already making a difference in the world, but its impact may be much wider than people think. Blockchain can be used to create a transparent framework for record keeping in industries such as healthcare, banking and government, but it can also be used to create a better way of doing business that is more efficient, more secure and less risky.

Blockchain is a new technology that has the potential to disrupt many industries. Many new jobs are being created to support this technology, and an even larger group are being created to support the industries that will be disrupted by this new technology.. Read more about how to get a job in blockchain and let us know what you think.

The world of cryptocurrencies is more than just buying low and selling high. The foundation of cryptocurrencies may have started with bitcoin, but blockchain technology is poised to transform industries. The applications of this technology are almost limitless, and companies will benefit greatly if they focus on building more transparent and fraud-resistant systems.

While blockchain is not yet as well-known as the cloud, it is developing so quickly that we are already seeing dozens of companies taking advantage of decentralized and distributed networks. In addition, we’re seeing crypto and blockchain companies hiring talent left and right as the sector grows rapidly.

In 2018, blockchain job growth exceeded 2000% for three quarters and 6000% for the full year. Now that number will be much higher as the number of industries integrating blockchain technology into their business model continues to grow.

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies over the past two years has led to the belief that an auditable ledger without central oversight can make trading more flexible and profitable. Of course, every crypto and blockchain company wants to expand globally, but the problem here is the lack of talent. The demand for experienced professionals is now so great that companies cannot meet the demands of their customers.

We see thousands of job openings worldwide, and leading IT companies and startups like IBM, TCS and Polygon are actively seeking software developers, marketers, data analysts and other professionals. With an industry growing exponentially year after year, starting a career in blockchain won’t be easy, but the rewards will be just as satisfying. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the blockchain job market – from basic skills to the highest paying jobs in the industry.

Why choose blockchain over other fast-growing opportunities?

Blockchain is the fastest growing skill set in the world, but that’s not what makes it the most attractive career option right now. People often think blockchain is only for software professionals. This is not true at all as we are seeing growing demand in other sectors such as supply chains, healthcare, gaming and real estate. Even some large state and federal agencies are looking for top talent to further research blockchain.

Career Opportunities in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, and The Skills You Need

Making a career in blockchain will help people in the long run, as the future impact of this technology far surpasses anything we’ve seen since the internet. Many supply chain players believe that smart contracts will replace back-end operations within 5 to 10 years. The above study also shows that companies will use blockchain technology to improve compliance.

The characteristics of Blockchain are so different from other professional skills that professionals have more flexibility and can choose what kind of projects they want to participate in. There will also never be a drain of talent in the blockchain space, as there is a strong community and the people investing in the space have a long-term vision.

Even considering the monetary aspect and employee benefits, crypto and blockchain companies are willing to put their money where their mouth is to hire the best talent. Remote work options have been on the rise in recent years, with cryptocurrency companies allowing their employees to work from anywhere in the world. The salary is also significantly higher than other entry-level positions in a software company.

Career Opportunities in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, and The Skills You Need

Top blockchain skills you need to develop

Although blockchain is a new technology, it still requires a lot of skills to succeed. If someone is starting from scratch and wants to develop blockchain skills, the immediate transition to signatures and mining can be overwhelming. So if you are one of them, take the time and learn the basic skills to solidify your status as an employee. It is also important to realize that technical skills alone are not enough to achieve business goals. Here we highlight some key concepts and technical skills to master blockchain:


One of the key skills required for various blockchain-related professions is cryptography. Some important concepts in cryptography are public key cryptography architecture, cryptographic hashing and asymmetric key algorithms. Blockchain engineers are familiar with cryptography and see it as an important part of blockchain in terms of learning protocols and securing cryptovaluta transactions.

Blockchain Architecture

Recruiters are looking for skills that demonstrate a fundamental understanding of blockchain architecture. This is a must read for all professionals involved in technology as it discusses in detail the importance of ledgers, smart contracts and consensus. If you want to learn the basics of blockchain, you need to master three types of blockchain architectures: private, public, and consortium.

Data structures

Developers of a crypto-currency company regularly deal with data structures. This is another essential skill for working in blockchain project development as it helps in understanding the most fundamental component of blockchain. I mean a block. With a solid knowledge of data structures, you give yourself the best chance of mastering the more advanced concepts of blockchain faster and better.

Smart contracts

The introduction of smart contracts has added a new dimension to this open financial movement. Beginners should learn the inner workings of a smart contract transaction. Although we are still in the early stages, we see smart contracts as an important blockchain opportunity to develop, as it eliminates the need for middlemen and increases cost savings.

Ability to interact

The business goals of blockchain focus on implementing a model that can interact with other platforms and mechanisms. Therefore, interoperability skills are in high demand and can enhance your employability at large companies. If you want to master interoperability, you need to become familiar with different technology platforms and develop an open mindset.

Best university courses and certificates for admission

You may have already searched for the best resources for blockchain opportunities, and let me tell you, they were overwhelming and disorganized. This is the reason why many professionals do not take a full course or certification program. Recursive learning and self-learning platforms appear to be the best solution for learning new blockchain skills. Here we have listed some of the best courses and certificates offered by leading digital learning platforms and universities:

The Basics of Bitcoin and Blockchain by George Levy

One of the best-selling courses on Udemy is George Levy’s Blockchain & Bitcoin Fundamentals certification course. Anyone who wants to learn the basics of blockchain and bitcoin can sign up for this course. The course also includes a step-by-step guide to teach students about the future possibilities of blockchain. As this is an entry-level course, prior knowledge of blockchain technology is not required.

Blockchain from A to Z: Learn how to create your first blockchain

This particular Udemy course focuses on practical training for blockchain programmers. You’ll learn everything from how to deal with blockchain to how to create a smart contract. If you enroll in this program, you will get hands-on experience with some of the current blockchain solutions.

Ethereum and Solidity – a comprehensive guide for developers

One of the most advanced Ethereum developer training programs on the web is Code with Ethereum & Solidity: The complete guide for developers. Front-end and back-end programming will be explained so students understand what it takes to create smart contracts. The speaker, Stephen Grider, presented brilliant techniques for developing applications and linking them to business problems in real time. This is a great starting point for Ethereum developers, it covers everything from basic Ethereum concepts to advanced multi-page front-ends.

Blockchain certification from UC Berkeley

Blockchain at Berkley is run by a group of college students to spread the word and educate as many people as possible. The students have also set up a YouTube channel to provide valuable information at no cost. The proposed certification covers the entire blockchain ecosystem from both a technical and non-technical perspective. During the program, you will perform hands-on tasks to test real-world applications of blockchain and bitcoin.

Career Opportunities in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, and The Skills You Need

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Programs and Courses

One of the most prestigious universities in the world is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which constantly promotes free online programs that allow students to study without limit. They have founded numerous companies related to entrepreneurship and financial technologies and help students understand new technologies through hands-on experience. They cover everything from blockchain ethics to public ledgers. Some courses and programs are recorded and posted on YouTube so that everyone has access to quality education at their fingertips.

Career Opportunities in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, and The Skills You Need

High-paying blockchain jobs by 2021

Once you have the necessary knowledge and a few years of experience, you can start exploring the different positions and apply accordingly. Since this industry is borderless, you will find many lucrative opportunities, but it is important to distinguish one from the other. Here we’ve listed some of the highest-paying blockchain jobs in 2021:

Blockchain Developers

Blockchain developers will always be an integral part of any development team. With their expertise in software development and understanding of the intricacies of blockchain, they earn an average of $150,000 to $175,000 per year as employees. Most of these developers are also involved in other online projects, so the total fee is much higher. To give you an idea of what blockchain developers earn based on their experience level, check out the figure below:

Career Opportunities in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, and The Skills You Need

Source – dappuniversity

Recruitment firm Ziprecruiter also reported that more than 80% of developers earn more than six figures a year. It’s probably the most in-demand job right now, and the annual growth rate is just astronomical. A report published by shows that blockchain developers and engineers are superior to other professions and not even close.

Career Opportunities in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, and The Skills You Need

Blockchain Data Analyst

One of the biggest challenges in the blockchain industry is data visualization. Because the technology is invisible, it is difficult to draw conclusions with standard data analysis. Instead, we need blockchain-centric data analytics to help us understand metadata, money flows, user behavior, and market exchanges.

The blockchain data analyst is responsible for the visual representation of blockchain data or systems. They also apply their knowledge of statistics and modeling to uncover network information and construct various measures to simplify market behavior. According to the study, blockchain data analysts are paid up to $100,000 per year.

Blockchain Quality Assurance Engineer

During the development phase, blockchain quality engineers ensure that all transactions meet the highest level of functionality or not. Testing and automation are done for the executives, and when a problem arises in the area of economic engineering, the quality engineers come to the rescue and solve it immediately.

Qualitative analysis, reporting and communication are some of the key skills required to become a quality assurance engineer. The average annual salary is between $108,00 and $120,000. The demand for these features is increasing day by day, so companies are willing to pay more and offer better benefits.

UX designer for blockchain

Blockchain companies are starting to see the importance of having a user-friendly interface for their web and mobile applications. That’s why a blockchain UX designer is in high demand right now, and most startups and established companies are willing to pay salaries up to $110,000.

People who specialize in UX and creative design should also have adequate knowledge of blockchain technology. These designers usually work with the in-house team to understand the technical side of the project.

Legal counsel for blockchain

Financial compliance and understanding the legal implications of blockchain technology are of paramount importance to businesses today. A legal advisor is responsible for developing contractual strategies and partnerships, and advising companies on structuring cryptocurrency offerings.

Some lawyers use smart contracts to track digital documents as evidence, and the whole process is automated using blockchain technology. Legal advisers also offer a range of advisory services to help companies protect investors from fraud.

Smart Contract Auditor

Almost all defi and dApp projects require a smart contract audit, so people who specialize in this role are now in high demand. A smart contract auditor typically collects research, runs automated tests, and prepares a manual audit. Once this document has been prepared, the first audit reports are sent to the company, pointing out any minor errors. The final audit report will contain the restatement code and release.

He is also responsible for implementing solutions within the team and works closely with the founders to implement security solutions. Operational safety is a key skill required of an auditor of smart contracts. The average salary in a startup company ranges from $60,000 to $110,000.

Portfolio manager

Cryptocurrencies need asset managers to optimize investment performance and manage risk. Portfolio managers fill this role because of their experience in the financial markets and the crypto ecosystem. They must also meet the highest standards of governance and compliance.

Portfolio managers conduct market research and analysis of crypto assets and adhere to strict operating procedures and risk controls. Managers with more than five years of experience are preferred by most blockchain companies. In addition, most cryptocurrency companies offer a six-figure salary and a stake in the company.

Head of the crypto-currency community

Blockchain administrators or community managers promote the brand and interact with customers by creating content across all channels. They also track interactions across the web and social media to determine customer preferences.

A degree is not required for this position, but is desirable. Ideal candidates are those with a good technical background and existing experience with or technical knowledge of cloud platforms. You can get a head start in tracking blockchain innovation and development.

Product Manager

These individuals assist in the maintenance and promotion of the application by being responsible for its development, coding and dissemination to various groups. They also coordinate the project between the teams and ensure that the products are released on time and on budget. Experience with programming is not required, but a basic knowledge of software and programming languages is helpful.

This person must be able to manage time-sensitive projects and manage the department’s budget. Good candidates have at least an engineering degree. Management and business related training may also be considered.

marketing manager

Marketing in blockchain companies is different because it requires marketers to do more than combine passion and economic value. Crypto marketers must have a technical understanding of the project and a thorough knowledge of behavioral economics. Without these skills, it is difficult to translate products into benefits for the end user.

Providing value also requires a higher level of emotional intelligence and empathy. According to cryptojobslist, the average salary for a marketer is $64,000 per year. It can be significantly higher if you already have experience and success in the industry.

Author of Blockchain

Blockchain’s editorial team helps companies and media outlets simplify the technical aspects of the technology and provide market information in the simplest form possible. Updating information on cryptocurrencies is also part of the job, and editors must keep an eye on the various events in the industry.

There is no upper limit to what they can earn when it comes to writers, as the possibilities online are endless. We have so many platforms posting jobs for writers all the time, especially in the blockchain space. ICO specialists and web writers easily earn over six figures a year.

Your crypto currency databases

Job portals have made it much easier to post vacancies and recruit talent. Most of these crypto currency job portals have an intuitive user interface and help users navigate through simple steps. Some focus on multiple countries, so make sure you apply the right filters and choose your next blockchain job. Explore each of the portals below and find your dream career in the blockchain industry:

  1. List of cryptocurrency jobs

One of the most popular job sites for cryptocurrency is Crypto Jobs List. Almost all large companies and even start-ups prefer this portal to find the best specialists. Thousands of job seekers use Crypto Jobs List to find the most in-demand blockchain jobs. The platform aims to help job seekers find the perfect crypto-currency companies that need their talents in the easiest way possible. It is also one of the largest communities that helps find talent on the Solidity Ethereum marketplace. So, if you’ve had a good experience with Solidity, the list of crypto jobs will be helpful to you.


If you’ve been in the industry for 4-8 years juggling technology and business opportunities, you’ve probably come across cryptocurrencies. Jobs for more information on the cryptocurrency job market. This is a single job portal where you create a user profile and provide some information. You can also see what new opportunities lie ahead and understand how the job market changes over time. From developers to news writers, the platform covers all major blockchain-related jobs.

  1. Cryptocurrencies

The current job board for anyone looking for a job in blockchain is Crypto-careers. European-based cryptocurrency companies and startups are showing more commitment than anyone else. It’s worth noting that Crypto-Careers has no specific interest in any profession, so you’ll see equal promotion of all jobs. Remote work capability is available for most of the advertised stations. Job seekers in Europe can use this platform to find their next blockchain job at a European cryptocurrency company.

  1. Linkedin

If you have a good user profile and regularly update your portfolio, you will be successful on Linkedin. Major blockchain companies use Linkedin as their primary source for finding talent around the world. It is always advisable to be active on Linkedin and get more information, as you will be able to get interviews with fewer obstacles. Job postings may not reflect actual requirements, but it’s worth creating your own profile and joining cryptocurrency groups.

  1. Ethlance

One of the most advanced platforms for job search and freelancing is Ethlance. You can connect your MetaMask wallet and receive payments in crypto-currencies. Most freelance work published on Ethlance is related to the development of Solidity. If you are new to the Ethereum ecosystem, this is the best place to network with community members and get more information for a successful job search.

Final thoughts

As the blockchain movement continues to evolve, specialists will be in constant demand. Blockchain technology won’t be around for much longer, which means a career in this field offers limitless opportunities. The best paying jobs in blockchain are the ones you create yourself, and the opportunities here are the most diverse – and the most in demand. Whether you are a developer or have expertise in other related fields such as finance, marketing, etc., the possibilities are endless!

Career Opportunities in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, and The Skills You Need

Kartikeya Gutta, born and raised in India, is a cryptocurrency journalist and freelance writer for the website itsBlockchain. It covers various aspects of the industry through in-depth analysis and research. His passion for blockchain and the crypto-ecosystem is largely because he believes it can truly change the world and help millions of people.

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Blockchain and crypto are hot topics, but do you know what it is and what skills you need? A blockchain is the technology underlying cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which is a public, distributed ledger that records transactions between two parties in a verifiable and irrefutable way. A crypto is a form of digital money that uses cryptography, the mathematical principles behind codes and ciphers, to secure transactions.. Read more about blockchain job description and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blockchain a good career?

Blockchain is a new technology that is still in its infancy. It’s not yet clear what the future of this technology will be, but it’s likely that there will be many opportunities for people with skills in blockchain to find work.

What are the career options in Blockchain?

Blockchain is a new technology that is still in its infancy. There are many career options in Blockchain, but the most common ones are: Software Developer Consultant/Business Development Manager Blockchain Developer Blockchain Architect Blockchain Engineer Blockchain Analyst Blockchain Researcher Blockchain Analyst Blockchain Developer Blockchain Architect Blockchain Engineer Blockchain Researcher Blockchain Developer Blockchain Architect Blockchain Engineer

How do I start a career in Blockchain?

There are many ways to start a career in Blockchain. You can start by getting a degree in computer science, mathematics, or engineering and then work on your own projects. You can also get an internship at a company that is working with blockchain technology.

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