The EOS Rio wallet is a new wallet that has been developed by the team at EOS Rio. The wallet is designed to work with the Mainnet and offers users a lot of features that other wallets do not have.

The best eos wallet is a new cryptocurrency wallet that has been designed for the EOS Mainnet.

EOS holders have had to seek for other methods to keep their money since the introduction of the EOS Mainnet on June 9th, 2018. The reason for this is because the Mainnet introduced the EOS blockchain, and EOS tokens were automatically transferred over to it in a token exchange. This implies that EOS coins will no longer be able to be kept in wallets that previously supported EOS as an Ethereum-based ERC-20 currency. EOS storage solutions based on Ethereum are no longer interoperable with the EOS currency. The issue is that developers have had little time to build storage solutions, and few of the existing wallets offer all of the features that EOS users need.

That is, with the exception of SimplEOS.

The EOS Rio team has created the SimplEOS Wallet for you. It is one of the most complete and secure wallets available, and it has a very user-friendly design. It also supports the new Mainnet currencies. This is the ideal choice for anybody looking for a simple method to store or trade the new EOS Mainnet currencies.

The SimplEOS Wallet: Everything You Need to Know

The Internet’s Mainnet

The Ethereum network was never going to be the EOS project’s permanent home. Its only purpose was to build a better Ethereum, as well as a brand platform for Smart Contracts and dApps, with the possibility of moving to its own blockchain in the future. The issue is that many investors had heard that keeping cryptocurrency and forgetting about it was a smart idea. As a consequence, many coin holders were caught off guard when the Mainnet became live, and they had to move fast to participate in the token exchange.

What happened to the ancient coins, then? The Ethereum-based EOS ERC-20 tokens were frozen, and investors who signed up for the token swap received an equivalent number of coins on the new network. There was, however, a snag. Investors who used the popular Exodus storage solution discovered that withdrawals to the Mainnet could not be made immediately. Due to Mainnet security concerns, Exodus effectively froze all of its users’ EOS money.

There was an outcry within the Exodus community, to say the least. Something had to be done, and it had to be done quickly.


EOS Rio Wallet Review: The Best Wallet For Mainnet?

To protect the network, the EOS project does not rely on miners. Instead, the network’s support and maintenance are outsourced to a group of people known as “Block Producers,” who are paid for their valuable services. Naturally, the rivalry to be chosen as one of the fortunate few is fierce, with many different groups vying for the position.

EOS Rio is one of these Block Producers, and it is located in Rio de Janeiro, as one would expect. The SimplEOS Wallet was developed by the Rio team when they observed that the market lacked a simple option for storing money that simultaneously offered all of the EOS platform’s capabilities.

The good news is that they were successful, and they were able to develop a simple interface for anybody to engage with the EOS blockchain. Not only that, but the SimplEOS Wallet is compatible with all major PC operating systems.


EOS Rio Wallet Review: The Best Wallet For Mainnet?

For many people who utilize Exodus, the slogan is “In one God’s Wallet we trust.” There’s a solid reason for this: Exodus supports dozens of different cryptocurrencies and makes storing crypto very simple. Supported currencies include anything from industry heavyweights like Bitcoin to relatively obscure tokens like Gnosis, as well as a slew of others in between. Until recently, it also supported the EOS currency, and many EOS token holders considered Exodus their preferred wallet for storing their tokens.

Then the hammer slammed down.

Features of the EOS Rio Wallet

Transferring Tokens

  • EOS Tokens may be transferred or received from any account on the network with only a few clicks.

List of Contacts

  • An address book is included in the solution. This makes sending money to individuals with whom you do business simpler and quicker.

Support for multiple accounts

  • From the same Wallet, you may manage several accounts at the same time.

Make a New Account

  • Rio has made the process of creating an account a snap and lightening quick.

Only for local storage

  • Private keys and other sensitive information are never broadcast across the network.

Support for Airdrops

  • Nobody enjoys missing out on freebies. EOS uses airdrops to provide free tokens to its currency holders. The good news is that airdrops will be enabled, and users will be able to keep airdropped tokens in the storage solution.

History of Transactions

  • A record of all transactions is maintained in the wallet. As a result, you’ll be able to quickly see who you’ve given money to and when.

Portal for Voting

  • Rio also enables you to vote in Block Producer elections and participate in them.


  • Tokens on the network may be simply staked or unstaked (for example, during voting).

Compatibility with Exodus

  • All users that registered for an Exodus one-click token may simply transfer their tokens to SimplEOS.

What Is The EOS Rio Wallet And How Do I Use It?

EOS Rio Wallet Review: The Best Wallet For Mainnet?

Key Info:

  • The most widely used EOS wallet that supports the Mainnet.
  • Setup is simple and fast.
  • MacOS, Windows, and Linux are all supported systems.
  • A wide variety of functions are available, including Mainnet voting.

To store your EOS coins, choose the most popular wallet.

The First Steps

EOS account creation differs from those of rivals such as Ethereum. You’ll need to establish an EOS account before you can build a wallet because of how the new blockchain operates. SimplEOS, thankfully, offers an easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorial to assist you. You may skip to the next section if you already have an account.

EOS Rio Wallet Review: The Best Wallet For Mainnet?

Step 1

When you click the ‘Request new account’ button, you will be given the opportunity to name your account. Account names must be unique, and the process is identical to creating an e-mail ID.

EOS Rio Wallet Review: The Best Wallet For Mainnet?

Step 2

This is when things start to get a little complicated. Because the Private key is the key to your account, the program will recommend that you unplug from the internet at this point. We recommend that you do so in order to safeguard your private key from network intruders. After that, you may create your own public key (used for communicating with the blockchain). Asking the wallet to create a private-public key pair for you may be a preferable alternative.

EOS Rio Wallet Review: The Best Wallet For Mainnet?

Step 3

Damn! It was just a matter of time until it came to this!

The wallet displays a string of gibberish that is your account creation code, as you can see. It’s all well and well if you have someone to do it for you. Don’t worry, there’s a workaround: the EOS account creator. However, you should be informed that using this service will cost you approximately $10.

EOS Rio Wallet Review: The Best Wallet For Mainnet?

Step 4

The EOS account builder is essentially a service that allows you to establish an EOS account for a modest fee in either fiat or coin. The good news is that SimplEOS is integrated into the website. This implies that if you replace?d= with your account creation code in the site URL, the lengthy form will be auto-filled, saving you time and effort. Your EOS account is now active and ready to use!

What Is The Best Way To Import An Existing EOS Account?

EOS Rio Wallet Review: The Best Wallet For Mainnet?

An account may be imported in two ways: one for Exodus users and one for everyone else. Because the two procedures are somewhat different, find out which one is best for you.

How To Import An Exodus EOS Key

EOS Rio Wallet Review: The Best Wallet For Mainnet?

1st Step

The directions are simple to follow. Simply go to your Exodus wallet and choose the option to ‘Export Private Keys.’ The keys would be downloaded as a.csv file, which could then be dropped into the dotted box to be submitted.

EOS Rio Wallet Review: The Best Wallet For Mainnet?

2nd Step

To add an extra layer of protection, create a password.

EOS Rio Wallet Review: The Best Wallet For Mainnet?

3rd Step

Before agreeing, read the terms and conditions thoroughly, as is customary. Check the box that says you’ll “abide by the constitution” and then click the “Next” button.

EOS Rio Wallet Review: The Best Wallet For Mainnet?

4th Step

You have the option of setting up a lockscreen pin. This implies that if someone comes across your smartphone while the program is active, they will be unable to complete a transaction.

How Do I Import An EOS Key From A Wallet I Already Have?

EOS Rio Wallet Review: The Best Wallet For Mainnet?

Step 1

The good news is that things are much simpler for those who already have wallets (or who have just established an account). Find your private key in a paper wallet and carefully type in the gibberish without making a mistake. It’s much too simple.

EOS Rio Wallet Review: The Best Wallet For Mainnet?

Step 2

Enter a password that is very difficult to guess.

EOS Rio Wallet Review: The Best Wallet For Mainnet?

Step 3

Isn’t it fun for them to do this? The constitution shown here is a carbon duplicate of the one displayed to Exodus users. Don’t just take our word for it; read it and see for yourself. We’ll be ready when you are.

EOS Rio Wallet Review: The Best Wallet For Mainnet?

Step 4

Put an end to it! Put an end to it right now! Is it necessary for me to tell you what to do? Break some keys by slamming them together.

Making Use of the Wallet

What Is The Best Way To Send Tokens?


Fortunately, the Rio team has made it simple to transfer tokens to other EOS systems. To get to the screen above, just click on ‘Send.’ The addresses you’ve enabled on your account are shown at the top of the screen. Your customized contact list may be seen on the right. The actual transaction fields are shown in the middle.

Enter the account’s name or a contact from your current contacts, then the quantity of EOS you wish to transfer. You may also add a note to the transaction to make it more personal. All that’s needed now is to hit the submit button to complete your purchase. It’s that simple!



The SimplEOS Wallet also has a handy tool for examining the history of your wallet transactions. The ‘History’ page displays a history of all transactions you have received or delivered.

Voting on EOS

Exercising your right to vote is always a good thing. You’ll have to stake your coins for a while, but this shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re a day trader. Voting allows you to have a say in who is chosen for the lucrative Block Producers position. Make sure you have a voice in this critical issue that affects everyone in the community.

What is the procedure for voting on EOS? So, each EOS token may be used to vote for up to 30 Block candidates (only 21 will be selected in the end), with the amount of tokens staked indicating the weight of your vote. That’s true; the vote of the wealthier man is more important than yours. It’s just something you must cope with.

This Proof-of-Stake (PoS) voting mechanism is intended to make it difficult for unscrupulous actors to purchase their way to power.


To vote, make a list of up to 30 block candidates you want to support and then complete out the form to stake your EOS and cast your vote. Choose your stake based on its worth or by entering the correct number.

NOTE: In EOS, voting is an ongoing process; your vote counts as long as your tokens are staked on the blockchain. They even ‘decay’ with time, so remember to come back to the website and re-vote for the best results.

EOS Rio Wallet Review: The Best Wallet For Mainnet?

You may unstake your tokens from the network if you require them for a transaction. This lowers your voting power but allows you to utilize more tokens. A word of caution: the process of unstaking your coins does not happen instantly. After 72 hours, your coins will be refunded back to your account.

EOS Rio Wallet Review: The Best Wallet For Mainnet?

Roadmap for the Future


You may wish to allow someone else to conduct transactions on your behalf from time to time. This functionality will be available shortly, enabling you to delegate rights for a portion of your holdings to someone else.

Secure Transactions with a Delay

Because there is a 72-hour wait between unstaking tokens and receiving credit, some users may wish to schedule a transaction to be completed at a certain period in the future. In the SimplEOS Wallet, this will be possible shortly.

Version for mobile devices

Everyone like to have their cryptocurrency with them at all times. The EOS Rio team is hard at work porting the wallet to Android and iOS while keeping the same features as the desktop version.


The EOS project has been the subject of much debate and criticism, especially in relation to the mainnet migration. The majority of the worries, however, were related to the blockchain’s complex processes, which prohibited many ordinary people from joining the network. By making it much simpler to store and transact the EOS token on the new network, the EOS Rio SimplEOS Wallet is a step in the right direction. The SimplEOS wallet is without a doubt the finest EOS wallet for total novices, because to its security and attractive user interface.

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The infinito wallet is a new EOS wallet that was created by the infinito team. The wallet has been designed to be as simple as possible, with no complicated steps or features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which wallet is best for EOS?

The EOS wallet is currently in beta. It is not recommended for use yet.

Where can I hold my EOS?

You can hold your EOS token on the following exchanges:

What are EOS wallets?

EOS wallets are where you store your EOS tokens.

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