Europe’s leading esports organization is teaming up with cryptocurrency blockchain platform, Tezos. The two companies will work together to create a decentralized ecosystem where gamers can organize their own tournaments and manage the entry fees via an ICO gateway.

The “tezos partnerships” is a partnership between Europe’s leading esports organization, Team Kinguin and Tezos. The partnership will see the two organizations work together on blockchain technology in the future.

Europe’s leading esports organization partners with Tezos

Tezos has established a partnership with Team Vitality, a major European esports and gaming group.

The three-year technical relationship is the biggest in Team Vitality’s history, according to a press statement.

With a historic alliance, Tezos enters the gaming business.

The two will collaborate to provide new methods for the organization’s supporters to interact with its stars.

Team Vitality will work with the Tezos ecosystem to educate fans about the advantages of blockchain as part of the game experience and to support technological developments. With the agreement, Tezos hopes to reach into one of the most tech-savvy and active communities: esports and gaming lovers.

Europe’s leading esports organization partners with TezosPartnership between Tezos and Team Vitality

“As the blockchain and gaming industries continue to establish a fan and player-centric future for esports, this is a big step forward for Europe’s premier esports club,” Mason Edwards, the Tezos Foundation’s Chief of Staff, stated. “I’m delighted that Team Vitality has decided to join the Tezos community.”

The relationship was “game-changing,” according to Team Vitality CEO Nicolas Mauer, particularly because 2022 is expected to be the organization’s largest year ever.

“The prospects Tezos can offer to deepen our engagement with our fans are tremendously exciting, and we’re enormously happy to have Tezos join us on this adventure,” he stated in a news statement.

This year, the company invested the most in esports talent. Team Vitality and its athletes play in eight games and have over 13 million social media followers, as well as industry-leading partners like Adidas.


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The “tezos news” is Europe’s leading esports organization partners with Tezos. The partnership will allow the two organizations to work together on a variety of projects, including the creation of new tournaments and leagues.

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