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FIO Protocol Marks First Year Anniversary – Press release Bitcoin News

PRESS RELEASE. The Foundation for Interval Integrity (FIO) is celebrating its first year since launching FIO’s open source protocol core network community. With over one hundred and fifty thousand users and leading service providers such as ShapeShift, Coinomi, AscendEX (formerly Bitmax), and Edge integrating the FIO protocol, the team ensures that cryptocurrency transactions are easy, confidential, secure and fun.

The FIO protocol was developed to simplify the use of cryptocurrencies and lay the groundwork for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Long, complex addresses have been replaced by user-configurable FIO addresses, such as [email protected], that allow for decentralized sending, receiving, and paying of requests (invoices, order slips, etc.) as well as metadata (information about those invoices, order slips, etc.) that are end-to-end encrypted and run through the blockchain.

Luke Stokes, managing director of FIO: Over the past year, the FIO protocol and the cryptocurrency industry have seen some significant developments. Many are predicting another exponential shift to cryptocurrencies in the next few years, similar to the way the internet reached a billion users. To make this an everyday reality, the user experience must be improved. In the past, it was difficult to send an email. Using the internet was difficult. Before http was created, we did not have a layer of convenience that could revolutionize the browser and the World Wide Web. We are currently in a similar phase with cryptocurrencies, and the FIO protocol is designed to allow users to send digital assets as easily as an email.

In the first year after the launch of the main network, the FIO protocol was accepted by more than a dozen leading wallets and exchanges, the FIO token was listed on Binance, Liquid, AscendEX, Whitebit, ChangeNow and other exchanges, and more than 150,000 FIO addresses were registered. The FIO community is actively working to improve the protocol to add more features, such as FIO strike and the FIO dashboard, making it easier than ever to buy, sell and manage NFT addresses of FIO users and domains. As institutional and retail investors become more aware of the potential benefits of blockchain and asset allocation, the need for standardized infrastructure will only increase.

ABOVE: (FIO) is a blockchain that makes cryptographic transactions with any type of token or coin easier, safer and more joyful. It serves as a usability layer for the entire blockchain ecosystem and, among other things, enables human-readable wallet names that replace complex public addresses, the ability to request crypto payments instead of just sending them, and the ability to include data such as notes, shopping carts, or invoices with crypto transactions on any blockchain. The Wallet Fund is an industry-led nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the improvement and adoption of the FIO protocol. Many leading wallets and exchanges have integrated the FIO protocol and are making its capabilities available to their users, which collectively number in the millions.

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