Gemini is a cryptocurrency exchange that was founded by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. The exchange offers low fees, fast deposits and withdrawals, and a number of advanced features.

Gemini is a platform that allows users to trade and store cryptocurrencies. It also has an online wallet and the ability to send, receive, and request money. Read more in detail here: gemini exchange review 2020.

Gemini is a cryptocurrency exchange that is getting a lot of traction as people become more educated about the various cryptocurrency trading choices. Gemini is an excellent option for managing your digital assets.

But, in terms of costs, how does it compare to other cryptocurrency exchanges? After all, you want to avoid additional costs as much as possible when buying and selling cryptocurrencies in order to get the most out of your crypto investments.

We’ll go through the costs that Gemini charges for buying, selling, trading, depositing, and withdrawing in our Gemini review.

Overview of Gemini

Gemini was established by the Winklevoss twins, who have been engaged in Bitcoin from at least 2013.

Gemini is a cryptocurrency exchange that was established in 2014.

Gemini is a New York trust business that has been authorized by the New York State Department of Financial Services and is regulated by them.

Gemini uses a price-time priority approach for its central order books. This is crucial if you’ve previously made a buy with a fiat currency on another exchange but want to trade with Gemini.

Gemini, like any other cryptocurrency exchange, provides a range of security features, payment options, and coins to trade.

Gemini’s staff has been very open about its operations, which is a breath of new air in the crypto industry.

How can you become a member of Gemini?

  1. Select your account type and enter your country on the Gemini site.
  2. You’ll get an email confirming your account when you join up for trading on Gemini cryptocurrency exchanges. Verify your email address by following the instructions in it.
  3. You’ll need to authenticate your identification once you’ve verified your email before you can start trading. To authenticate your identity, Gemini asks you to submit certain documents.
  4. You may enter a payment method to buy and deposit bitcoin once your information has been confirmed.

Review of Gemini

In comparison to rivals such as Coinbase, Gemini has a high rating. Gemini provides FDIC-insured bitcoin services, which is an important feature to look for in an exchange.

Apart from Bitcoin (BTC), your Gemini account may hold over 30 other cryptocurrencies, including the Gemini Dollar.

USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, SGD, and HKD are supported fiat currencies.

Over 40 different cryptocurrencies are supported.

You load your wallet with fiat currency like USD and then use that money to purchase cryptocurrencies. They provide transfers via an app or a website. 

Fees for Gemini vs. Coinbase

Coinbase is the most well-known cryptocurrency exchange. Many exchanges, on the other hand, have various fee structures and may save crypto traders money depending on their trading patterns.

Coinbase and Gemini are two bitcoin exchanges that are quite easy to use. Gemini and Coinbase are two distinct cryptocurrency exchange platforms that enable traders to purchase, sell, and trade various cryptocurrencies via the internet. Although the exchanges have numerous distinctions, there are some parallels between Gemini and Coinbase.



  • Simple design and easy-to-use interface
  • 100 different nations are supported.
  • The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insures cash funds.


  • Fees that be too high
  • Customer service choices are limited.
  • Charting features in the pro version

Coinbase Final Thoughts

Beginners may find Coinbase to be a useful platform. The complicated costs and restricted number of cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, often drive consumers to prominent rivals like Gemini, which has a more simpler fee structure.

Gemini Exchange Review: Guide to Gemini Fees

Both platforms serve institutional investors seeking to diversify their portfolios with bitcoin, and beginning traders may learn how to trade on either platform—although beginners will feel more at ease with Coinbase owing to its availability in more countries and currencies.



  • When you use Active Trading, you’ll pay less costs.
  • The user interface is simple.
  • With Earnings in Gemini, you may earn interest.


  • When you’re not actively trading, you’ll pay a lot of money in fees
  • Only 50 nations have it. 

Conclusion for Gemini

Gemini, another beginner-friendly cryptocurrency exchange, has a much simpler cost structure and even allows you to earn interest on your holdings via Gemini Earn.

Gemini Exchange Review: Guide to Gemini Fees

Both Gemini and Coinbase provide comparable bitcoin trading services in over 50 countries. They also approach trading with a “security-first” mindset.

The most significant distinction between the Coinbase and Gemini systems is the availability of customer support. Customers of Gemini, on the other hand, have access to phone assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Users may speak to a real person about any account problems, which offers them piece of mind.

Many individuals want to get started with bitcoin trading and want to utilize basic tools to do so. They may begin by utilizing a Gemini or Coinbase exchange, which are both suitable for this purpose. People who seek a more simplified experience may choose Coinbase since it is simple to meet all of their beginning criteria there.

The Gemini exchange, on the other hand, is often less expensive than Coinbase. In many instances, it charges a fee of around.5% every transaction and just $2.99 for purchases above $100. If you pay with a credit card, however, the flat cost is waived in exchange for a 3.99 percent fee. 

When making a deposit, you can tell the difference between the two exchanges. Wire transfers are free with Gemini, but $10 per transaction with Coinbase.

If you want to save money on fees, wire transfer may be the way to go. Users of wire transfers may avoid paying a fee for each transaction since Gemini does not charge such a fee, while Coinbase does.

Advanced trading options for traders are available via Coinbase Pro and Gemini’s ActiveTrader program, both of which utilize a maker-taker format and are less costly than the main platforms. Both accept purchases made with a debit card or a bank account.

Apart from Coinbase’s minor edge in payment methods, Gemini is a clear winner because to its zero-fee ACH transfers and lower transaction costs when utilizing the Active Trader platform. If you’re weary of Coinbase’s exorbitant fees, Gemini may be the exchange for you.

Fees for transferring funds from Coinbase to Gemini

With Gemini, ACH and wire transfers are both free. Additionally, there will be no trading costs when transferring money from Coinbase to Gemini.

All you have to do now is transfer your cryptos to your new Gemini wallet address.

Many customers move from Coinbase to Gemini because to the ease with which they may transfer bitcoin.

Summary of Gemini vs. Coinbase

Gemini was created with the goal of providing excellent customer service. It makes it simple to obtain answers, whether you need a fast response or more in-depth information on a problem.

If being able to contact Gemini’s support staff at any time of day is your main priority when deciding which cryptocurrency exchange best fits your trading requirements, Gemini is the perfect option (or night).

Furthermore, if you are regularly trading, Gemini is likely to be your favorite choice for avoiding exchange costs. The costs on Gemini’s Active Trader platform are among the best in the industry.

Start trading with Gemini now, just like I did.

Gemini Fees Come in a Variety of Forms

Fee schedule for mobile devices

You must pay both a convenience charge and transaction costs for your order in the Gemini Mobile Application. Before you make your purchase, the quoted amount will be shown, including the convenience charge. The transaction charge, which is determined depending on the total amount of your Mobile Order, will also be shown.

The mobile app works in a similar way to the Gemini online version.

If you’re buying or selling via the mobile app and find the costs to be too expensive, I suggest joining up for a Gemini Active Trader account.



Fee schedule on the internet

You will be charged a convenience fee and a transaction fee when purchasing through the Gemini online application.

You will be given a pricing estimate that includes the convenience charge before you place your purchase.

Again, the costs charged by Gemini may seem to be higher than those charged by other exchanges, but bear in mind the ActiveTrader Fee.

Schedule of Transfer Fees

Fee for the deposit

Wire transfers, ACH transfers, and Gemini dollar redemption are all free.

Debit card purchases, on the other hand, are subject to a 3.49 percent fee on the entire transaction amount. You cannot use a credit card to make a transaction on Gemini.

As a result, many individuals choose not to utilize a debit card while making purchases via Gemini.

There are no deposit fees with Gemini, however there may be costs connected with a bank account and wire transactions (available both for people from and outside the United States.). When using Gemini to buy cryptocurrencies other than USD, you may be charged foreign currency exchange rates.

Fee for withdrawal

Withdrawal costs on Gemini vary according on the currency type. For most cryptos, the first 10 transactions each month are free.





For 10 transactions each month, cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, bitcoin cash (BCH), and Litecoin are all free. There are no withdrawal costs in USD or other fiat currencies from Gemini; but, depending on your bank, you may be charged bank fees.

Fee structure for ActiveTrader

Gemini’s sophisticated trading platform, ActiveTrader, has much lower costs than Coinbase’s Coinbase Pro. When you purchase and sell on an advanced trading platform, you will be charged a maker fee and a taker fee. For virtually all digital assets, these trading costs are standard.

Liquidity-making Orders are a distinct kind of Order from liquidity-taking Orders in terms of costs. When you place an Order that is promptly fulfilled, it takes up space in the marketplace and incurs a taker fee.

When you place an order that is not immediately filled but instead sits on the order book, you are called a maker because you provide liquidity to the market. Makers, as opposed to takers who only trade with orders already in the system, will be paid fees for generating this additional volume of trading.

The charge rate you pay is based on your gross trading volume over the previous 30 days.



Tyler Winklevoss, creator of the Gemini bitcoin exchange, is proud of the platform and how it generates market liquidity.

In Account Settings, you may turn off or on the ActiveTrader interface. When ActiveTrader is turned off, the purchase and sell transactions mentioned above will take effect.

Fee Schedule for Custody

Investing costs money, and if you use a cryptocurrency exchange like Gemini, you’ll also have to pay custodial fees.

Custody costs are very tough to avoid under any circumstances.

1Fees are calculated annually and taken from the digital assets in your Custody Account.

Gemini safety

Gemini is a highly secure exchange that provides customers with a safe digital wallet where they may store USD, BTC, and a variety of altcoins.

Gemini, like many other crypto exchanges, keeps the majority of its funds in cold storage. It also has its own cold storage system and insurance for all of the assets it owns.

The New York State Department of Financial Services regulates Gemini, and it is one of the few bitcoin exchanges with a NY BitLicense.

On Gemini, any authenticated user may trade. Personal information, such as your phone number and address, as well as supporting documents, such as your driver’s license or other identification, are required for verification.

Gemini develops its own security by collaborating with international authorities such as Nasdaq and financial services regulators.

Despite the fact that Gemini has not been hacked, some of its customers have been via SIM switching.

Gemini Earn

Gemini bitcoin exchanges just introduced a new service called “Gemini Earn.” This gives you the opportunity to earn interest on your bitcoin held with them. With a range of cryptocurrencies, you may account for up to 7.4 percent of your earnings, or 3.05 percent if you want your gains in BTC.

Gemini is a cryptocurrency exchange that is based in the United States.

Gemini is one of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms. They are regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services and hold a NY BitLicense.

Gemini provides a range of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin (LTC), and Zcash trading alternatives. To trade on their platform, you may deposit USD or other cryptocurrencies.

Gemini, located in the United States, is FDIC-insured and has never been hacked. It’s simple and uncomplicated to use, and security is a top priority.

The Gemini cryptocurrency exchange offers forty cryptocurrencies, including GUSD, Gemini’s own currency. The Gemini platform allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies and keep them in your digital wallet.

The Samsung Blockchain is powered by Gemini, thanks to a collaboration with Samsung. Customers of the Samsung Blockchain Wallet may use their accounts to trade on the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange.

In the end, the expenses of using Gemini Active Trading are considerably lower than those of Coinbase. Gemini’s maker and taker costs are among the lowest in the industry, and if you trade in volume, it’s a no-brainer.

The gemini fees reddit is a Reddit thread that reviews the Gemini Exchange. It discusses the fees that are associated with using the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Gemini exchange charge fees?

Gemini does not charge any fees to trade cryptocurrency.

Are Gemini fees high?

Gemini is a relatively inexpensive exchange. It charges a 0.25% fee for all trades, which is significantly less than the average of other exchanges.

Is Gemini cheaper than Coinbase?

Gemini is not cheaper than Coinbase.

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