How the Ones You Love the Most Want to See Bitcoin Fail

Some people will never believe in bitcoin and the cryptocurrency economy created by Satoshi’s invention. Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts are familiar with the experts and economists who say bitcoin will fall to zero, but they are often the most concerned about bitcoin’s failure. On Wednesday night, a bitcoiner said on Reddit that his father had made fun of him for bitcoin.

Bitcoin and Favorites Why are family and friends waiting to tell you I told you so?

Understandably, bitcoin (BTC) and other existing cryptocurrencies can be difficult for someone new to this technology to grasp. Crypto fans are also used to financial officials and government agencies talking loudly about decentralized crypto assets. But many people don’t talk about how their friends and family members feel when they criticize bitcoin, envy the asset’s rise in value, or even wish it would go bankrupt so they can say: I told you.

It is likely that many bitcoin enthusiasts have people around them who have proclaimed this opinion and will never take crypto activity seriously.

Sometimes it’s family members or close friends who push us the furthest away from bitcoin and the crypto economy.

How the Ones You Love the Most Want to See Bitcoin Fail

On March 31, a Reddit user named einennes said that his own father had recently mocked him for bitcoin. Today I tried to explain to my [70-year-old] father why it’s a good long-term investment, he wrote. He looked at me and smiled. He thinks he has a lot of experience because he has seen a lot of Ponzi schemes and he knows I am going to lose everything. I told him it wasn’t like that at all, but he insisted, my son explained. He said that maybe his father was right and that he felt overwhelmed by the situation.

The redditor continued:

I told him that I had little to lose and much to gain, and that maybe, just maybe, one day it would be worth it to build the house I dreamed of. He laughed even harder, which irritated me because I want to pursue this dream no matter what, and I felt very disappointed to see my own father laughing at my financial hopes.

Sound tips: Most people cannot see the future until it becomes the presentMost people cannot see the future until it becomes the present.

Einemness went on to say that he does not think it is impossible to get bitcoin (BTC) to $175,000 per unit. He said he knew it was a high price to pay, but that talking to his father depressed him. I don’t want a Lambo, as you often jokingly say, he noted. I just want to have a nice house, which I think is a modest goal. What are the chances of this happening? Many visitors to the thread responded, and one wrote that more attention should be paid to it because bitcoiners can make fun of their family or close friends.

While some Lambos said he shouldn’t care what Boomer thinks, many others gave their son good advice. Most people don’t recognize the future until it becomes the present, someone else explained. Don’t blame him for being so human, but don’t feel bad about it. Recognize that you are years further along in the discussion if you acknowledge the incredible risk, but think the end result will be good if it is widely accepted. We’ll leave it at that, adds the Redditor.

It’s hard to explain bitcoin and the economics of digital currency to friends and family, but it’s even harder when those loved ones doubt you. Einemnes’ Reddit thread has drawn a lot of comments because people can relate to family members who shade crypto assets. In time, they may realize that the technology doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and will probably agree that only fools believe crypto-economics is just a fad. Many pundits scoff at our love of bitcoin and technology, and sadly, sometimes they are our lovers.

What do you think of the story of the father laughing at his son because of bitcoin? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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