Internet of Mining is looking to advance mining efficiency through the use of blockchain technology. The Internet of Mining project is an open-source cryptocurrency mining platform that provides pools for miners to share resources and electricity costs. We’ve chosen to partner with a proven, reputable expert in green mining and blockchain technology, Roy Phillips. When we consider Roy’s expertise, strong network in the industry, and leadership in the green mining sector, it was an easy decision to collaborate with him.

Two weeks ago, IM Intelligent Mining, the world’s first enterprise-level green mining pool, announced the appointment of Roy Phillips as its new president. Since then, IM has gained significant attention from the crypto community, with a large number of followers on Twitter. Now, the company has a new partner: Roy Phillips, a former chairman of the American Mining Congress, has been appointed as IM’s new advisor. Phillips will serve as the company’s advisor, and will also provide mentorship to key personnel as the pool’s new chief executive.

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IM Intelligent Mining Taps Roy Phillips As Advisor To Advance Green Mining Efficiency

The 27th of July, 2021, in Las Vegas, Nevada,

Roy Phillips, an energy expert, has joined the Board of Advisors of iM Intelligent Mining (iM), a supplier of ecologically friendly energy solutions for powering bitcoin mining operations.

Roy is the founder and CEO of REP Energy, a photovoltaic solar project developer that collaborates with investors and private parties to optimize renewable energy possibilities.

Roy’s industry knowledge, gained over three decades, will be essential as iM continues to define the future of large-scale blockchain mining operations. 

Roy’s professional background has centered on expediting the renewable energy transition. His prior positions included providing energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainable transportation advice to governments, utilities, and others throughout North America.

The mining industry has lately been under more public attention as a result of growing concerns over large amounts of energy used in blockchain. By creating autonomous, solar-powered rigs constructed in the desert and controlled by a decentralized network of iM token holders, iM has come up with an elegant solution that fundamentally changes the blockchain mining paradigm. 

Power consumption, environmental harm, centralized block-mining operations, blockchain network scalability, and high barriers to entry for people and poor nations are all addressed by iM Intelligent Mining. 

The first mining farm and the development of a DApp are two short-term objectives on iM’s roadmap. The iM coin represents ownership, with holders retaining partial ownership of autonomous mining farms and receiving 60% of profits. The utility token may also be used to stake in exchanges and liquidity pools and offers staking incentives over time. 

In addition to the mining incentives given to community members, iM devotes 9% of its earnings to community operations, 30% to reinvestment, and 1% to the iM non-profit, which is committed to improving hardware, software, and infrastructure efficiency.

Roy Phillips makes a comment

In addition to managing his business, Roy Phillips participates on a number of volunteer boards and committees that help shape public policy. He’ll use his experience in energy technology and industry knowledge to advise and guide iM’s executive team as it continues to expand and develop as a blockchain mining optimization leader.

The IM Green Protocol, iM’s decentralized sustainable solution, offers an investment framework that starts with solar energy generation. Its goal is to fuel the blockchain’s future while also preserving the environment and ensuring the industry’s economic sustainability. 

The use of green energy by iM will ultimately offer free power to blockchain activities, allowing all miners/investors to participate in energy generation. 

Because permissionless blockchains depend on proof of work to process transactions and maintain network security, crypto-mining consumes a lot of energy. Energy is the primary operating expense for miners, apart from its environmental effect, and there is intense rivalry to find the lowest sources of electricity.

Because iM’s operation is extremely efficient and streamlined, its low-cost renewable energy solution is a more appealing choice than customized rigs. 

Intelligent Mining (iM) is a company that specializes in intelligent mining.

iM Intelligent Mining is a decentralized blockchain mining business that provides free energy to the blockchain via the use of autonomous, solar-powered mining rigs. The advantages of owning both a solar panel farm and a mining rig are available to iM token holders without the hassles of constructing them oneself. Advanced cooling technology, bulk equipment purchases, and simplified processes increase profitability and generate money for equipment maintenance and expansion.


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