The Japanese company, Kirobo, has announced that they will be implementing a new feature on their app that will allow users to undo pending transactions. While this does not mean you can “undo” a transaction, it does mean that you can cancel the transaction and ask for your money back. This is a useful feature, and it is currently only available for those who hold a few different digital currencies, namely, BitConnect, Binance Coin (BNB), UNION (UNI), Sushi, Chainlink, and KIRO.

As Kirobo develops more and more features into its service, the ability to undo a transaction is becoming a more prominent feature. The latest feature to be added is the ability to undo a BNB, USDT, UNI, Sushi, Chainlink, or KIRO transaction. This new feature is still being tested, but once it is released to the public, users will be able to undo transactions by going into the transaction history and clicking on the “Undo” option. Kirobo is still in its testing phase, and users are asked to report any issues they encounter.

In late December, Kirobo announced a solution to one of the most requested use cases for digital currency: the ability to reverse transactions. Kirobo, one of the most widely used voice assistant bots on the market, allows users to search, send, and receive digital currency by enabling the backup and recovery of their digital wallets through its simple, intuitive and convenient bot.

Kirobo Makes ‘Undo Button’ Available for USDT, BNB, UNI, Sushi, Chainlink, & KIRO Transactions – Press release Bitcoin News Press release PRESS RELEASE. Tel Aviv – 2. Jun 2021 – Kirobo, a leading cryptocurrency developer, has announced that its cryptocurrency reversal key is now available for transactions with UNI, Chainlink, BNB, USDT, Sushi Coin, as well as its own useful token KIRO. This means that Kirobo’s solution covers more than 4.5 million owners of these coins. The undo solution, which is currently only available for BTC and ETH transactions, is Kirobo’s first product and allows users to undo an erroneously sent crypto-currency transfer, eliminating the huge risk of human error when performing crypto-currency transactions. The company plans to integrate its solutions into several cryptocurrency exchanges during 2021. Kirobo has already created a logical layer on top of the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks and is implementing advanced services and solutions on top of this layer. The logic layer works by providing a unique transaction code that must be entered by the recipient to receive money from the sender. As long as the recipient has not entered the correct code, the sender can receive money at any time. Tel Aviv-based Kirobo is a blockchain technology company that provides crypto currency users and businesses with advanced tools to give them more control over their money. Kirobo currently helps leading intermediaries, cryptocurrency exchanges and payment companies to provide an unprecedented level of transaction security to their users. Earlier this month, artificial intelligence and crypto-currency technology provider DigiCrypts Blockchain Solutions Inc. (DigiMax) has announced a strategic investment in Kirobo to accelerate the launch of Kirobo’s soon-to-be-launched cryptocurrency management, storage and trading products. Kirobo also recently announced the addition of cryptocurrency pioneer Brock Pierce to its advisory board, where he will provide strategic guidance for the global rollout of the company’s product portfolio. Mr. Pierce previously co-founded EOS Alliance,, Blockchain Capital, Tether and Mastercoin, and currently serves as Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation. Kirobo has also developed a number of additional specialized solutions for crypto currency holders and traders – to further strengthen the DeFi ecosystem. These solutions will be released in the second and third quarters. Elements of Kirobo’s new technology solutions have contributed to the company receiving two highly commended grants from the Israel Innovation Authority. Asaf Naeem, CEO of Kirobo, commented on the announcement,said: All cryptocurrency users, from beginners to experienced traders, will greatly benefit from Kirobo’s revolutionary trade reversal feature, which eliminates the risk of losing funds due to human error. As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve and the participation of mainstream and institutional investors increases, this type of robust transaction security will become central to the industry. We’ve all heard the horror stories about sending money to the wrong address or the wrong kind of address. At Kirobo, we want to make managing cryptocurrencies as easy and secure as online banking, and ultimately give users of cryptocurrencies more control over their money. Crossing this threshold is a very important milestone in the crypto finance process and proves once again the viability of the blockchain as a repository of value. In the coming weeks and months, we will make our trade reversal feature available to more coins and introduce new features that will revolutionize the way money is managed in the broader crypto space and underscore our reputation as a risk-free crypto-currency transaction provider. For more information on Kirobo’s pull-out feature, visit About Kirobo Kirobo has a mission: Equipping cryptocurrency users and businesses with the most advanced tools to better manage their money. To do this, we provide our users with simple and secure solutions that make it easy to manage, store and trade cryptocurrencies. Kirobo is the proud recipient of two grants from the Israel Innovation Authority, making it the only blockchain technology company to reach this milestone. Kirobo contact Adan Kedem Marketing Director [email protected] This is a press release. Readers should exercise their own due diligence before taking any action with respect to the advertised company or any of its affiliates or services. shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with use of or reliance on any such content, goods or services mentioned in the press release. Photo credit: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki CommonsIn order to keep the public updated of our company’s latest development, we have decided to make this press release available for all Bitcointalk users to read. Kirobo Inc., a startup company based in Los Angeles, CA, is pleased to announce the availability of the KIROBO USDT token and our new KIROBO Smart Contracts. Our USDT Smart Contract is now open for business under the KIROBO Ticker ID “USDTK”. As a matter of disclosure, we are not affiliated with KIROBO in any way. This press release also includes links to our videos on YouTube and Google Trends.. Read more about kirobo crypto and let us know what you think.

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