“TecraCoin” is a new online digital currency that is trying to make a name for itself. Like other cryptocurrencies, TecraCoin can be used to purchase goods and services online. It can also be used to buy and sell other cryptocurrencies on cryptocurrency exchange websites.

TecraCoin is a new currency for the online gaming industry, offering a unique hybrid reward system that combines both in-game currency and real-world currency. With the introduction of new gaming platforms like Steam, which has over 100 million users, there is a substantial potential market for in-game currency. This way, gamers can earn real-life money without having to spend hours playing “Farmville”. The cryptocurrency market, which has been around for almost two decades, has exploded in the past five years. With the growth of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others, the coin market cap has gone from just a few billion dollars to over 600 billion.

The TecraCoin (TEC) is a new currency that made a public launch July, 11, 2017. The coin currently has 94 million coins and a price of 0.00017 BTC, and it is trading on one exchange – Cryptopia. The coin has a simple mission: Use blockchain technology to create a currency that is fast, secure, and offers an attractive alternative to government-issued currencies.. Read more about tecracoin miner and let us know what you think.

New Player on the Market, TecraCoin sponsored by There is more going on than ever in the cryptocurrency market. More and more tokens and cryptocurrencies are flooding the exchanges, and it’s getting harder and harder to spot the best trading opportunities. Most tokens and altcoins on the market have no real value. A new cryptocurrency that will soon be listed on the new CEX exchange seems to have a solution to this problem. Read on to learn more about TecraCoin and get an overview of the Tecra ecosystem.

Bull Run on Uniswap

In the latest news: Tecra added a pool of liquidity on Uniswap, the market responded with strong gains. After more funds were added to the pool, the price increased by about 150% in 3 days. It currently stands at $3 amid positive news that could give the market a chance to rise further. With a listing on the new CEX exchange, TCR could soon start a strong upward trend.

Tecra innovation in the crypto currency market

With a grant from the European Union, the company has clear and ambitious goals to increase the value of tokens traded and make a positive difference in the world. The Tecra project seamlessly integrates several growing industries: Investments, cryptocurrencies, fintech, technology development and more. In the previous article on the company’s activities, readers were introduced to the Tecra ecosystem – its currency (TecraCoin), its crowdfunding platform (Tecra Space) and its decentralized exchange (Tecra DEX). This time, the article will focus on TecraCoin and its tokenomics – what is the true value of this coin, how does it relate to other elements of the Tecra ecosystem, and how exactly is it different from other altcoins on the market.

Value and mechanism of TecraCoin

The main functionality of TecraCoin is related to the crowdfunding platform TecraSpace. This currency is used to purchase tokens from projects that are actively raising funds on the site. The tokens serve as proof of your participation in the project and the conclusion of a contract between you (the investor) and the founder of the project. The tokens you can get on Tecra Space represent real companies in the early stages of development, so there is tangiblevalue behind the tokens and the TecraCoin currency. This is Tecra’s answer to the current trend of unlimited tokens with no real benefit. The value of TecraCoin is directly related to the tokenomics of the Tecra project. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the price of TCR does not fluctuate due to market speculation, but depends on the development and success of real companies and projects on Tecra Space. In addition to the coin on Tecra’s own blockchain, the company specifically created an ERC-20-based TecraCoin token to more quickly and easily integrate with new exchanges and accelerate the project’s global expansion. TecraCoin’s working capital is limited. Fully diluted inventory is 80 million units – most of which is for business development and is also locked in. There are currently 5.7 million coins in circulation on the market, 81.4% of which are locked in EA wallets. There are 1,000,000 parts available on Uniswap – other parts will not be available on this exchange. Uniswap’s current market value is $3 million. It is clear that the project is severely undervalued at its current stage. Further information on the closure and release will be announced shortly. At this stage, the creators of the project are implementing business solutions, including facilitating the movement of coins in the marketplace and between blockchains. New Player on the Market, TecraCoin

Effect of TecraCoin in real life

One of the biggest advantages of TecraCoin over many other cryptocurrencies is that its uses extend beyond the cryptocurrency world. When you receive TecraCoin, you can participate in many interesting projects on Tecra Space, which means that this coin has a real and positive impact on the world. With projects like the large-scale PV farm Expanse Plus, you can use TecraCoin to support technology development, renewable energy production and more.

What benefits can I get from project tokens?

The first way for token holders to benefit from their participation in projects is to receive commissions on Tecra Space. 3% Funds raised during the campaign will be distributed to token holders, while 2% are intended to burn native TCRs from exchanges, increasing their market value. The second option is to sell the tokens back to the founders of the project. According to the contract, creators must redeem their tokens on the marketplace within 10 to 20 years after the project moves to the commercialization phase. For example, the Expanse Plus solar farm project announced that it would use 80% of its revenue to buy back tokens from the market over a 15-year period. The tokens will be refunded quarterly on Tecra DEX, starting from a date predetermined by the project founder. Finally, tokens representing startups are valuable crypto assets in their own right. They will be traded on Tecra’s own decentralized exchange, Tecra DEX. It is planned to launch the exchange in early 2022. Benefits of TecraCoin

  • Possibility to participate in crowdfunding with a low entry threshold (from 1 USD)
  • Receive tokens for real business projects
  • Participation in projects that represent a breakthrough in technological development
  • the price does not fluctuate according to the speculation of the market, but according to the measurable value of real companies
  • Multiple trading opportunities – TCR is traded on CEX, DEX and (in the future) on Tecra’s own exchange.

New Player on the Market, TecraCoin This is a sponsored article. Find out how to engage our audience here. Read the disclaimer below. Photo credit: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons Denial: This article is for information only. It is not a direct offer or invitation to buy or sell, nor is it a recommendation or endorsement of any goods, services or companies. Bitcoin.com does not provide investment, tax, legal, or accounting advice. Neither the company nor the author shall be liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services referred to in this article.TecraCoin is a new decentralized cryptocurrency that allows its users to make transactions and transfers without any middleman. The platform was developed to be a direct competitor to the famous Bitcoin. It’s based on the Ethereum protocol and uses a unique system of accounts and balances. The key feature of the platform is the Cryptocurrency mixing system.. Read more about tecra space and let us know what you think.

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