This is Pi Network’s newest release. It was released today, April 4th, 2017. The code is available for download here. It contains some awesome new features that make our network even better!

Today we are pleased to announce a new project we’ve been working on. We’ve been looking for the last month at a way to make Pi Network better, and we have come up with something that will surprise you. In the next few days we will introduce you to a new way of using Pi Network, combined with our Pi App Engine, with a new demo and an updated developer portal. We will be launching the new service over the next few weeks.

Pi is a project that provides a network for developers and users of Cryptocurrencies. We are pleased to announce the Pi Network, a secure, fast and scalable payment network built on the foundations of the revolutionary PIRI (PiCoin) project.

Pi Network Launch | Pi App Engine Demo | PI Developer PortalLaunch of the Pi Network | Demo of the Pi App Engine | Developer Portal for PI 10

Launch of the Pi Network | Demo of the Pi App Engine | PI Developer Portal

We’re introducing the Pi App Engine today for developers who wish to use Pi Core Team’s scalable server infrastructure to create and distribute Pi applications, particularly Ecosystem apps. Check out our Hackathon workshop films, where two Core Team members will teach you how to use the Developer Portal and Pi App Engine, by tapping the Read More icon on the home screen.

When will the Pi digital currency be accepted as a cryptographic currency?

The Pi digital money will be released at the third stage of the Pi network’s development. The delivery date has not been disclosed. All things considered, how the testing stage progresses and the posting of the computerized money on the digital currency market trades will determine the outcome.

Watch the video of the Pi Demo App below for more information.

Pi App Engine Overview

Pi App Engine is a cloud computing platform as a service (cloud computing platform as a service) for building and hosting Pi apps on Pi-Core-Team managed cloud servers. Using open-source technologies like Docker and Kubernetes, applications are sandboxed and run across many servers. The app engine may be used in development mode by any certified developer. The app will be hosted in production mode for free after it is complete and chosen based on Core Team criteria. The difference between Development mode and Production mode is that Development mode can only handle a few test users and is intended for testing and creating new applications, while Production mode may support tens of millions of users while deploying on thousands of CPUs. Demo of the Pi App Engine.

Remember to view the workshop videos on the home screen if you’re a developer. @Lyriaaw shows how to start building an app using the Pi Developer Portal in today’s Hackathon session. Hugo will teach you how to utilize the Pi App Engine to connect into Core Team’s server infrastructure while creating your app Demo of the Pi App Engine.

Introduction to the Pi Hackathon Workshop


PI Developer Portal


Pi App Engine Demo


This is a new prototype where Pioneers may submit Pi Apps for the future Pi Blockchain, join projects, and recruit other Pioneers to join projects. KYC’ed Pioneers may contribute Pi to a particular project that has been publicized. Only if the initiatives succeed will the donated Pis be distributed. Initially, the Brainstorm app will publish project ideas for ecosystem applications (Type 2), with commercial apps following later (Type 1).

Roles in the Pi Demo App Project

The following responsibilities are often found in each project:

Admins may approve team members and modify the project description for ecosystem app submissions. The leaders of the project take the function of administrators in commercial applications. People who want to help with the project’s commercial aspects, such as marketing, operations, communication, pioneer involvement and support, and so on. Developers: People who want to offer technical talents to the project’s construction, such as engineers and designers.

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