In October, the PIVX network launched its first development update. Many changes and corrections have been made, but the most notable are updates to the main wallet, user interface, cold strike and POS protocol. We summarize the patch notes and give you all the information you need in this article.

Week of 1. October 2019 Updated in detail

The changes discussed below represent work done since the last update from late August to 1. October is behind us. That’s about five weeks of work, and by the looks of it, the PIVX team is very active. Let’s take a closer look at the main changes.

Master Portfolio Update – v3.4

The 27th. A major update was released in August, including the mandatory release of PIVX Core Wallet version 3.4.0. It includes the new Issue Modifier v2, as well as PoS changes that eliminate all the problems and risks of issue grinding.

Introductory phase of cold batch test

The brand new Cold Strike is being tested separately, under the supervision of the main developers. According to reports, things are going smoothly, as are some of the block finder’s leads. This change provides a wider range of functionalities for the deployment of PIVX, as well as increased security without the need to keep the coins in an online wallet.

4.0 User interface changes

The new UI update will be included in the next major release of Wallet, which has been in the works for about 7 months. The new user interface merge was developed and coded based on the QT framework and is therefore only available in PIVX. It contains over 400 modified files, 373 commits, and over 50,000 lines of code.

PoS time v2 protocol update

One of the main developers, random zebra, is working on a better PoS protocol for use in PIVX. This includes modifying the complexity algorithm and removing obsolete proof-of-work code in the network. This results in more consistent locking times, better network security, lower power consumption, easier logging of hardware requirements, and fairer block allocation. The developers will release more information in the future, once the update is ready.

GitHub Activities and Lights

In this section, we want to present the activities of PIVX and the team on GitHub. You can see for yourself how dedicated they are. The development team, consisting of 7 members, issued 217 commits on the master and 358 commits on all branches. More than 563 files were modified, with 60,391 additions and 24,582 deletions. Such a high volume of work means that PIVX has had more unique engagements than Ethereum, Monero, Decred, Waves, DASH, Zcash and Zcoin in the last three months alone.

A total of 29 applications were merged, 12 new applications proposed, 9 applications closed and 2 applications created. In what follows we will list the most important of these:

  • PR#936 – [zPiv] PublicCoinSpend v4 – Coin Randomness Schnorr Signature – submitted by lead developer random.zebra is under review. (The goal is the v4.0 version). This returns the cost of the old zPIV v1 to the PIV.
  • PR#954 – [GUI] [Model] The new UI portfolio – introduced by core developer Mech has been merged. (The goal is the v4.0 version). It will be a brand new UI/UX portfolio developed in collaboration with Krubit’s UI and UX designers. It was written from scratch in QT by dev furszy and advanced developers of krubit.
  • PR #955 – [Core] [Script] [Wallet] [RPC] [Tests] Cold Stamping – submitted by lead developer random.zebra is/will be working on this. (The goal is the v4.0 version). This is a new customizable betting feature that allows a mutually agreed upon full node hot wallet to bet coins from a delegated address. Stackers are more secure, but still require a full node network.
  • PR #956 – [Core][Qt] Added support for HD wallets – submitted by the akshaynexus developer community is currently being reviewed/modified. (Target version v4.0)
  • PR #968 – [Betting] Add multi-split functionality to split bet output – was submitted by the CaveSpectre11 developer community and is currently being reviewed/modified. (The goal is the v4.0 version). This change causes the stack input to be split into 2 or more parts depending on the stack split threshold, rather than being split into two anyway.
  • PR #1002 – [WIP] [PoS] Time log v2 – submitted by lead developer random.zebra is being reviewed/edited. (The goal is the v4.0 version). This will be a big step forward for the network to improve the current PoS protocol. In the future, more predictable and consistent blocking times will become the norm.
  • PR #1033 – [WIP] [GUI] [Model] [Wallet] [Cold UI. – Submitted by furszy, developer of the kernel, being reviewed/edited. This will provide the interface elements and internal connections necessary for cold firing and its functionality, which will be included in the 4.0 update.

PIVX’s First Development Update for October 2019

Final thoughts

The PIVX development team has been busy this year. The project distinguishes itself from its competitors by having very high activity, regardless of the state of the cryptocurrency market. The new upgrades, along with the cold strike, will provide a springboard for PIVX’s long-term development plans and the overall future of the network.

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