The US Economic Reports due for publication on Wednesday was the focus of many market participants when it comes to global currencies, with traders looking at the GDP data release. The UK’s FTSE is expected to open around 1% lower this morning after a disappointing day of trading yesterday. What are your thoughts?

The US Non-Farm Payrolls release at 8:30 AM London time is expected to have a significant impact on the Forex market. The economic calendar for Thursday will be full of activity, and traders are likely going to be looking out for any signs that suggest a change in trend after the NFP data.

The “nfp news today time” is a cryptocurrency that has been experiencing an increase in price. The currency’s value is expected to continue increasing as the US releases its GDP report.

Selling in Forex Market Continues Ahead of US NFP Release


  • Both the pound and the euro are falling in value.
  • With NFP numbers expected, the dollar index is consolidating. 
  • Stocks are expected to finish the week on a high note.

The Euro and the Pound continue to show weakness in the forex market today, as the US Dollar consolidates its position of strength versus the two. The Euro is trading at 1.15 versus the Dollar, approaching its year low, while the Pound is also down. On the Dollar side, the market has stayed firm ahead of the release of the NFP statistics. Treasury rates are also playing a part in the rise in the US Dollar index. The main indexes on Wall Street will be trying to extend their winning streak into the weekend.

The Euro continues to struggle against the dollar.

For those trading the Euro in forex, it has been a dismal week. That isn’t likely to change in the near future, as sellers maintain control. Despite better-than-expected figures from German manufacturing orders in September, this is the case. Data on retail sales might assist to nudge the common currency back in the right direction. 

The Pound is in a similar scenario, victimized not just by the Dollar’s continued success, but also by its own internal problems, notably the lingering challenges around Brexit, which are finally coming to a head. The UK is largely anticipated to use Article 16, which would suspend sections of the Northern Ireland Protocol, which is now the key sticking point. With Sterling languishing at 1.35, this would very likely be seen in the FX market. 

The focus shifts to the NFP figures.

The US Dollar Index has risen to a new multi-week high of 94.50, where it has held firm in consolidation as traders and forex brokers wait to absorb non-farm payroll numbers expected tomorrow in the US. Analysts predict that during the month of October, these numbers will grow to 425,000. This comes after a huge miss the prior month, when market analysts were well off the mark with the real 194,000 figure. 

Depending on the conclusion, the Dollar may be sold, which would be good news for the other major forex currencies that are now suffering. However, given the recent rise in US Treasury rates, there seems to be little opportunity for a significant improvement.

Stocks are attempting to cap off a strong week.

The S&P 500 reached a new all-time high Tuesday, gaining 0.4 percent. The index has now had six straight positive days, while the NASDAQ has had nine consecutive winning days. The Dow, on the other hand, has retreated. 

Traders will be looking to maintain bullish momentum into the weekend, with the NFP statistics likely to play a key role in how the market ends the week. A further rebound might boost recovery stocks higher, while others, such as Peloton, have suffered, with the latter down more than 30% overnight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which pairs are affected by NFP?

A: All pairs are not affected by NFP.

What is NFP trading?

A: NFP stands for Non-Farm Payroll. This refers to a name of a report that the Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes every month which details how many people were employed by what industry, and their wage.

What time of the day is the forex market most active?

A: The forex market is most active in the afternoons.

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