TRON is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that will allow for online content sharing and distribution. It will feature all sorts of digital content, including games, movies, television shows, music, books, and more. The TRON network will support various kinds of incentives, including content creators, content consumers, and other parties.

TRON is the future of the internet. TRON is also a virtual machine for decentralized applications which is based on blockchain technology. With the launch of TRON MainNet in June 2018, TRON became an independent decentralized virtual machine for executing smart contracts, offering better performance and scalability than Ethereum. Also, TRON is the latest addition to the big list of exciting projects in the cryptocurrency sector. It is currently one of the seven top digital currencies in the world.

The TRON Foundation has been hard at work for the past few months in building a new social network for the TRON ecosystem. The platform is called TronChat, and it is a cross-chain and cross-network project that allows users to interact with each other regardless of the technology they are using. So, can TRON be trusted to help build a social network that can survive the long term? We will find out in the coming months.

Social NFT Platform DeFine Coming To TRON

8 August 2021, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore,

DeFine, a social NFT platform, has formed a strategic alliance with TRON, one of the world’s biggest and most popular blockchain-based operating systems. Artists, musicians, influencers, gamers, and sports may all use DeFine as a social NFT platform. With digital assets like NFTs and social/fan tokens, as well as actual assets on the blockchain, the platform enables social interaction, engagement, and communication for artists and their audience. As part of a larger push to bring more businesses into the NFT realm, the initiative recently secured $5 million in strategic financing.

TRON Founder Justin Sun stated, “I am pleased to announce that the Social NFT platform DeFine will be linked into the TRON Network.” “I am excited to see the NFT space develop as DeFine and APENFT collaborate to push NFTs to new heights.”

Users and artists from all around the globe will be able to trade and create assets on the DeFine platform thanks to its connection with the TRON ecosystem. DeFine will also work with TRON and the APENFT Foundation to buy valuable NFTs on the worldwide market and create an NFT ecosystem together. 

APENFT’s Background 

APENFT was founded with the goal of registering world-class artworks on the blockchain as NFTs. We want to create a link between top-tier musicians and blockchain technology, as well as promote the development of native crypto NFT artists. APENFT, by converting top artists and art pieces into NFTs, not only improves the way artworks are hosted, but also transforms them from elite-exclusive items to something that truly belongs to the people and reflects their aspirations, similar to how blockchain democratizes finance like never before. APENFT is a universal art form.

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TRON Information 

TRON is committed to advancing the internet’s decentralization via blockchain technology and decentralized apps. Justin Sun founded the business in September 2017 and has since achieved a number of milestones, including the launch of the MainNet in May 2018, network independence in June 2018, and the introduction of the TRON Virtual Machine in August 2018. BitTorrent, a pioneer in decentralized services with over 100 million monthly active users, was also acquired in July 2018.

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TRON is a super popular blockchain project that recently announced a new feature called Super Representative districts, that will allow users to vote on the actions of TRON’s foundation.. Read more about tron nft marketplace and let us know what you think.

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