Solana is a brand new brand that is introducing a new concept – Solana is not just a cryptocurrency, it is a new way of storing value. The Solana platform is a decentralized platform that connects all the blockchains together, to allow them to communicate, run applications, and take part in joint ventures. The Solana platform will allow the creation of new smart contracts, which will allow for all types of digital assets, including tokenized versions of fiat currencies, stocks, commodities, real estate, etc.

For those that missed it, last week Solana, a protocol for tokenizing real world assets, opened their funds to the public for the first time. In the first 24 hours, the firm raised an impressive $7.1 million from a range of high profile investors including Robinhood Crypto, Danhua Capital, and Boost VC. In the first batch of tokens, SOLANA is the only one that’s tangible, tangible, and useable. The company is now going to issue a total of 10,000,000 of the unique tokens that will be available for purchase.

SOL is a cryptocurrency on the Ethereum network, and the first on the market to use Proof of Stake. Compared to Proof of Work, based on mining, Proof of Stake is energy efficient and allows more blockchain transactions to be processed.Proof of Stake is not as secure as Proof of Work as some attacks such as 51% attacks on the blockchain require a majority of the nodes to be compromised, but it is more energy efficient and can process more transactions than Proof of Work. Also, the valuation of the cryptocurrency is $108 at the time of writing (at the time of posting this article).

Solana has climbed the crypto rankings, displacing Polkadot and Dogecoin to seventh and eighth, respectively.

It was unavoidable and anticipated, especially given the huge increases in August 2021 that carried over into September.

According to coin monitors, the coin is without a doubt one of the top performers at the time of writing.

Performance and Status of the Solana Market

While Bitcoin is failing to break above $51k barrier, SOL prices are in the double digits, up 23 percent in the previous trading session. It’s a huge development, and it’s a net positive for purchasers who thought the SOL boom had come to a halt.

At spot prices, however, it is obvious that SOL buyers remain adamant, pushing for even greater gains in the days ahead. As it stands, the currency will most likely finish the week with a wide-ranging bull bar and a solid start to September.

Solana Steering Higher, SOL Bulls Predict Prices to Reach $240

Solana purchasers will benefit from technical candlestick arrangements. The previous trading day’s double-digit rise was accompanied by strong trade volumes, which is a necessary prop for generating momentum and volatility.

Furthermore, it seems that the trading community is relying on the coin’s fundamentals. SOL bull bars are banding along the upper BB as of this writing, suggesting strong underlying demand and the required impetus to propel SOL into new H2 2021 areas.

Traders are euphoric, overconfident, and anticipating nothing less than a moonshot for SOL as a result of this. The chances of SOL prices hitting the 2.618 level at $150 are strong based on the Fibonacci extension levels of the H1 2021 trading range.

This is the immediate bull objective, according to the Solana technical analysis, while $95 is the support level for aggressive purchasers.

Solana Intra-Day Traders have a “Great Buy Opportunity.”

On Trading View, this is a trader’s perspective. The analyst selects a pattern that he believes is a good purchase.

Solana Steering Higher, SOL Bulls Predict Prices to Reach $240

As a result, the trader believes SOL prices will rise to above $150 in the next sessions.

He believes that, despite the price movement on the daily chart, SOL prices may consolidate.

If the 21-day WEMA continues to serve as dynamic support, bold SOL traders may be looking at a buy trend continuation towards $166.

To $240 on Solana Road?

Another trader on Trading View believes the Solana price movement is set for a moonshot, with rates nearly tripling from spot to above $240.

Solana Steering Higher, SOL Bulls Predict Prices to Reach $240

The analyst chooses the 50-period moving average as the best support level based on the 12-hour price movement. According to him, there is a bearish divergence pattern that may slow bulls down and force a pullback. Even if it does, SOL is expected to recover quickly, charting to new highs of above $240.

Once SOL contracts below the current consolidation at about $95, the uptrend will be invalidated, and it will go below the moving average—the dynamic support—at around $80. SOL bulls’ expectations would certainly be dashed if the price fell below key support levels.

Traders that are bullish on the continuation of a trend are known as SOL Bullish Continuation Traders.

Meanwhile, according to the research in the 4HR chart, another trader on Twitter believes SOL buying are just getting started.

#SOL $SOL /USDT 4H TF; it’s printing another ascending triangle, indicating a further bullish continuation is on the way

— #BNB 1000 USD RATICOIN (@Raticoin1) September 2, 2021

The coin is inside a rising wedge, according to the expert. Bulls, he believes, may burst through immediate resistance levels, propelling SOL further higher in a bullish continuation pattern.

Trading View provided the charts.

Disclosure: The author’s opinion is his or her own. Make your own investigation.

Solana Steering Higher, SOL Bulls Predict Prices to Reach $240

Solana is one of the most interesting projects that I’ve ever seen, and one that I would like to learn more about. Solana has two main uses, one of which has already been demonstrated, and it’s ability to be both a Bitcoin and Ethereum transaction processor. There are many other ways Solana could be used, and I’d like to learn more about what they are.. Read more about solana price prediction 2040 and let us know what you think.

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