StorX is a decentralized storage solution that uses blockchain technology to securely store and share data. The project has been under development for over 2 years, with the primary goal of providing users with a reliable, affordable, and secure means of storing their data.

The srx crypto node is a cryptocurrency that has been listed on the Bitrue Exchange.

The StorX is a storage system (SRX) Token is now accessible on Bitrue, the world’s largest digital asset exchange.

Deposits for this token have been enabled for existing holders in advance. On Bitrue, users may purchase, trade, and withdraw SRX starting on these dates:

  • Trading begins at 10:00 UTC on July 6th, 2021.
  • Withdrawal date and time: July 7th, 2021 at 10:00 UTC
  • SRX / USDT is a trading pair.

StorX (SRX)

The XinFin blockchain ecosystem powers the StorX network, which distributes cloud storage. It is a fully decentralized cloud environment that offers more secure encryption. It also distributes critical data among many hosting nodes located all over the world. It also allows users to acquire full control and give access to their data sets without the need for a centralized middleman. 

Furthermore, SRX is StorX’s native token. Users of StorX may take use of extra functionalities. Hosting a node, spending SRX, earning SRX, and storing data in the decentralized cloud are all part of it. StorX also functions as a peer-to-peer distributed storage network with complete openness in all of its operations. Notably, StorX is now accessible on a major crypto exchange platform for the first time.

Please visit the following websites for additional information and updates:

Storx’s website may be found at 

StorXNetwork may be found on Twitter at 

StorXNetwork on Telegram: 

Overview of Bitrue

Bitrue is a prominent cryptocurrency trading platform with the most sophisticated features. The exchange provides a secure and easy platform for exchanging digital assets. Furthermore, Bitrue has the distinction of being the greatest global aggregator of certified cryptocurrencies. 

Bitrue is also designed with an innovative multi-level clustering structure that enhances the platform’s performance and stability. As a result, consumers are fortunate to be able to invest, activate loans, and trade all on the same site. Bitrue is one of the top 50 cryptocurrency exchanges. 

As a result, Bitrue is the first major crypto exchange to offer XinFin Blockchain’s SRX coin.

Please visit the following websites for additional information and updates:

Bitrue’s website may be found at

@BitrueOfficial on Twitter:

Bitrue Official Telegram:

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