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Toho’s classic Godzilla story leaves the horizons of Tokyo and New York behind to dive into a decentralized world of freshly minted collectibles auctioned on the WAX blockchain.

Call for collectible inserts for the upcoming Godzilla vs Kong premiere

From trading cards to collectibles, the Topps name has been synonymous with collecting for over 70 years. Little did they know that their digital transformation, which began in 2012, would lay the groundwork for today’s NFT mania and adherence to unreadable tokens.

Since announcing its partnership with Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) in May 2020, Topps has pioneered the digitization of sports and entertainment trading cards, helping loyal collectors buy, sell and trade unique collectibles through WAX’s blockchain-based platform. The platform claims to have processed over 100 million digital asset transfers to date.

Topps is actively expanding its growing NFT portfolio after partnering with the Godzilla franchise to auction a collection of more than 160 unique pieces. The auction, which took place on 31. In early March, the premiere of Godzilla vs Kong. The featurette shows how Legend struggles with King Kong as humanity tries to destroy both characters once and for all.

Life extension auction

Topps has partnered with Toho to bring the story of Godzilla and the classic characters from the legendary franchise to the digital world. Collectors can expect the works in this collection to depict the origins of Godzilla with images of King Ghidor, Mechagodzilla, Mothra, Rodan and others from the iconic series.

The more than 160 pieces of art depict colorful scenes and exciting characters from the decades-old series in a variety of configurations, including original illustrations, chibi-like animations, comics, animated cards, and even Topps’ famous classic rookie card format.

Each item is given a unique identification number that can be verified on the WAX blockchain. This allows the owners of these unique NFTs to guarantee authenticity and proof of ownership.

This latest move follows other attempts by Topps to expand its NFT portfolio by hitting some of its classic trading card series. One such initiative was the release of Children of the Bins collectibles on the WAX blockchain in February.

The 2021 Bin Kids line has also launched in household stores like Walmart and Target. Each pack of cards contains unique codes, which give collectors access to exclusive NFT collectible prizes.

Now that Hollywood has embraced NFT, what’s next for NFT mania? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Photo credit: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons, WB

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