TrueFi is a decentralized music streaming platform that uses blockchain technology to provide artists with greater control over their work. The company has seen an impressive 350% increase in price since the beginning of September, and investors are betting on its future success.

Over the course of a day, the price of TrueFi (TRU) skyrocketed over 350%. After this event, many people began to speculate on whether or not this was a scam.

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TrueFi (TRU) Price Skyrockets Over 350% in a Day News about altcoins

  • In a single day, the price of TrueFi jumped by almost 350 percent.
  • TrueFi is a technique for creating high-APR interest-bearing pools.
  • TRU is now available on CoinEx.

The price of TrueFi (TRU) has risen by nearly 350% in a single day. TrueFi, on the other hand, is a protocol for creating interest-bearing pools for liquidity providers with a high APR. Furthermore, TrueFi incorporates a utility and incentives approach based on TRU, rewarding users for sustaining consistent and high APRs. 

The TrueFi price is $0.77 at the time of writing, according to CoinMarketCap, with a 24-hour trading volume of $996,567,781.

The Reason for the TRU Price Increase

The price increase occurred when Trust token, the operator of the DeFi lending system TrueFi and the TUSD stablecoin, received $12.5 million in funding. Aside from that, the price increase was triggered by TRU’s placement on CoinEx. 

  • TrustToken Raises $12.5 Million in Funding

TrueFi has received $12.5 million in financing from TrustToken. TrustToken is both a TrueFi decentralized finance (DeFi) lending technology and a TUSD stablecoin operator.

By acquiring TRU, Blocktower Capital, Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), and Alameda Research led the financing round. TrustToken said that the funds will be used to grow its staff and TrueFi’s operations. 

  • TrueFi (TRU) is now available on CoinEx.

The price of TRU soared when CoinEx announced the token’s launch on Twitter. 

TrueFi is currently accessible on the CoinEx exchange for deposit, trading, and withdrawal. Users may begin trading with these accessible trading pairings TRU/USDT on August 5, 2021. TRU will also be listed on other major cryptocurrency exchanges in the near future.

TRU prices have also risen dramatically in the last 24 hours. TRU, on the other hand, will soon reach new heights as a result of future improvements and enhancements. TRU will also reach $1 in the near future. 

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