The year of 2021 saw many significant events in the world of cryptocurrency. Here are just some of them: The Bitcoin fork led to a new currency, BTCD; Ethereum is getting rid of privacy coins and embracing KYC; and EOS becomes one with its community.

The “undervalued crypto september 2021” is a result of the market being in turmoil. Experts predict that this will be one of the biggest outcomes in the year.

What were the biggest crypto outcomes of 2021? Experts Answer, Part 1

What were the biggest crypto outcomes of 2021? Experts Answer, Part 1


Hatu is the co-founder and chief strategy officer of DAO Maker, a company that develops growth technology and finance frameworks for businesses while also lowering investor risk.

“In a market as dynamic as blockchain, pinpointing the causes for the industry’s evolution over the year is difficult. However, I believe that the use of smart contracts has aided the industry’s development and significance in the conventional structure. Smart contracts are being used to help with anything from supply chain optimization to constructing a corporate structure around them.

DAOs have arisen as a new wave of corporate and association democratization. DAOs and community governance are here to stay because they distribute ownership to everyone engaged and reduce centralized power. Multiple protocols might become DAOs in 2021, kicking off their road toward complete decentralization.

In addition, the infusion of human resources has played an important role in the development of the blockchain industry. This reflects not just the quantity of new talent entering the sector, but also the population’s acceptance of and use of technology in their everyday lives. The industry evolves as more individuals get engaged with the technology.

In 2021, the blockchain business took a massive jump, and I see no reason why it would slow down in 2022.”

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The “top 50 cryptocurrency to invest in 2021” is a list of the top cryptocurrencies that are expected to have the most success in the upcoming year. Experts from around the world have released their opinions on what they think will be some of the biggest outcomes for this year.

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