With Bitcoin prices up more than 400% since this time last month, it’s no surprise that financial markets are paying attention. The growth of the cryptocurrency market is also showing signs of acceleration, with hedge funds now investing in the space.

In a world where we are increasingly turning to the Internet to manage our daily lives, crypto has become the rage. While it’s true that there are some that will go down to the end of the earth for Bitcoin, others are seeking alternative solutions.

A recent survey shows that hedge funds are increasing their bullish sentiment towards cryptocurrencies, with 64% of hedge funds planning to increase their cryptocurrency holding within five years. The survey conducted by the National Futures Association (NFA), polled executives at 10 of the largest US hedge funds, with the results revealing that hedge funds are seeing increased demand from clients looking to capitalize on the rising price of cryptocurrencies. The survey also found that 71% of hedge funds believe that the crypto market will be worth more than $1 trillion within five years.

Within five years, US hedge funds expect to hold 10.6% of assets in crypto A new survey of 100 hedge fund CFOs from around the world has revealed that the industry plans to significantly increase its exposure to crypto assets in the near future. Intertrust’s research shows that if respondents’ forecasts are broadly in line with those of the industry, assets in cryptocurrencies held by global hedge funds could reach $312 billion. Funds in the US were the most optimistic about the new asset class, expecting cryptocurrencies to reach an average share of 10.6 percent of their portfolios within five years. Their counterparts in the European Union and the United Kingdom gave a slightly more modest but still significant figure, averaging 6.8%. The intertrust sample included the CFOs of the funds, each of which manages an average of $7.2 billion in assets. CFOs themselves expect to have at least 1% cryptocurrencies in their portfolios. High profile hedge fund managers, such as Paul Tudor Jones, are strong supporters of bitcoin (BTC) as they worry about inflationary trends in the economy. Anthony Scaramucci, CEO of SkyBridge Capital, has a similar opinion about bitcoin’s potential as a store of value and sees it as superior to gold. Related: Scaramucci’s SkyBridge BTC fund launches with $25 million investment. Another big name in the industry betting on cryptocurrencies is Alan Howard, co-founder of Brevan Howard, a major asset manager. Just this week, Howard invested in two digital asset startups after investing in a digital asset storage provider founded by Nomura in partnership with Ledger and CoinShares. It also has a 25% stake in One River Digital Asset Management. There have also been reports of plans by Brevan Howard to invest directly in cryptocurrencies. In addition to the growing use of this asset class by traditional hedge funds, there have been a number of attempts to launch new crypto funds in hopes of emulating the success of Bitwise and Grayscale.A recent article by The Wall Street Journal’s Heard On All The Money podcast shed new light on the current crypto-craze. The article, entitled “Hedge Funds Are Trying to Make Money on Cryptocurrencies”, delved into the issue of what hedge funds are doing with their crypto holdings. Just over half of these hedge funds are planning to hold 10.6% of their assets in cryptocurrencies in the next five years.. Read more about crypto hedge funds performance and let us know what you think.

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